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  1. Dont Do It Unless Your Confident Your Gonna Be Fine Jumping It. Go To Different Places To Ride Start Doing The Smaller Jumps And Work Your Way Up. Just Going For It Is Fine If You Make It But If You Fall You Will Usually Be More Intimidated Than When You Started. If All Goes Well Youll Look Back And See How Easy The Jump Turned Out To Be. Good Luck
  2. It Definatly Depends On The Situation
  3. I Have Had Evs Web Knee Brace For Two Years And There Trashed. My Buddy Got Asterisk Cells And I Tried Them On, They Fit Great . Definetly My Next Pair Of Knee Braces
  4. What Class ?
  5. I Whip To The Left Mostly But I Can Also Go To The Right But Not Nearly As Well . The Only Time I Do Is To Set Up For A Turn After A Jump.
  6. Try Standing Up Later In The Corner To Set Your Self Up Better. Be Smooth With Your Power Delivery , Wether You Are On The Front Brake And Gas Or If You Use The Clutch, Try Not To Make The Bike Jerk. Other Than That Just Put Yourself In The Biggest Ruts You Can To Get Comfortable With It.