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  1. tulsaokjoel

    82 yz80 flywheel puller

    I know this is an old topic, but does anyone have an answer? This is the type of flywheel with internal threads that the puller threads into then a center bolt pushes agains the chrankshaft. Thanks.
  2. tulsaokjoel

    Chinese shifter question

    Thanks for your help. It's probably not worth converting. I am just trying to figure out what it is and is supposed to be. Never seen one like this before.
  3. tulsaokjoel

    Chinese shifter question

    So should there be a stop after 4th gear?
  4. tulsaokjoel

    Orion Dirt bike, couple questions

    That is huge jump on the main jet. I'd reccomend increasing in smaller increments.
  5. tulsaokjoel

    Chinese shifter question

    I looked at a 2004 SUNL 70cc bike tonight. I'm looking for a bike for my 6 and 8 year olds to learn on. Can someone explain the shift pattern to me. This bike had 4 gears. I pushed down on the shifter to increase the gear. After 4th it went back to Neutral. Is that normal? Can it be converted to a more conventional shift pattern? Thanks, Joel
  6. tulsaokjoel

    jd jetting kit

    Those float bowl screws are for the BST carb that is on the S, not the FCR carb that is on the E. I do reccomend the extended fuel screw though as you can't get to the stock one with a screwdriver. Joel
  7. tulsaokjoel


    Purcell, I'm interested in your dr350. I sent you a PM. Thanks, Joel
  8. tulsaokjoel

    2006 Suzuki 400 DRZ-SM tank same as a 2003 DRZ400E?

    The mounting is reversed. The E has bolts in the front and a rubber strap in the back. The SM has the rubber bosses on the frame at the front. The tank slides over the bosses and then has mounting bolts at the back of the tank. I am pretty sure they are interchangeable. If you have the E bike, you'll need to get the rubber bosses that bolt to the frame. Joel
  9. tulsaokjoel

    Trail Tech Vapor with dash mounting?

    Kirkster, I just bought a Vapor and relly like your mounting bracket. I may make one similar to it. Joel
  10. tulsaokjoel

    xr80 engine bolt size

    Can someone tell me the bolt diameter and length for the rear engine mounting bolts. I believe there are two of them and they are pretty long. Thanks, Joel
  11. tulsaokjoel

    XR80 piston and bore size

    Surely someone has a clymer manual that tells what the measurements are???
  12. tulsaokjoel

    XR80 piston and bore size

    Can someone tell me what the book says the standard bore and piston size are? I've just pulled my engine apart and would like to see how bad they are. I haven't found a manual yet. Thanks, Joel