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  1. drz103

    Discovery Pass Question - Washington

    what i have found out with the state parks the last couple of months they already had a pass in place The natural investment permit. then the parks pushed for the disco pass and get DNR and WDFW to follow in with them to get more people to buy this Disco pass and most if not all of the $ goes to the parks not to the other departments. the parks should have got rid of the Natural Investment permit and adopted the Disco pass and only the disco pass. the funny thing is you can enter the parks with a disco pass but cant use the launch facility's if you have a natural investment permit you can access the park and use all the facility's, some parks charge for a boat launch but not all do and if they do its $7.00 on top of the Disco pass. it needs to be straight across the board but it is not.
  2. drz103

    Discovery Pass Question - Washington

    I had my pass for 3 months never wrote the plate number on it, then i parked at beacon rock one day got back with a ticket on my windshield saying no Disco pass. so i write a nasty letter to Skamania County that my pass was on my dash, they send back a letter with pictures and the rcw code that the licence plate number has to be on the pass and match the vehicle, also with a new amount to pay. so a few weeks go buy and i go back up to beacon rock launch my boat again after a day of fishing i come back to another ticket this time for no launch fees paid i am like what the hell last time they didn't care about the launch fees just the no licence on the pass now they are give me a ticket for no launch fees, the way i read the sign was you needed either a Disco pass or a natural pass to launch a boat, i just don't understand they have 2 passes that work for state parks i thought that the Disco pass was the one they all where going to use, so in other words you need both to use all of our state parks not just a Disco pass FYI.
  3. drz103

    Portland Alley Sweeper Enduro

    i wish i would have seen this sooner i will be there next year
  4. drz103

    rimrock camping AND riding?

    Fishing is great as well at Tak.
  5. Woodland is a great track, we just need rain, i was there Saturday the more they watered it the better it got. i may try and make this PIR thing i remember when they use to run Monday night practice.
  6. drz103

    Good old days of riding in pnw

    That was my first MX track to ride i was out there with Rick Burgett and his nephew Troy Stewart it was my first MX race, I took 2nd place over all in the AM class, took the hole shot got scared because every one was chasing me I fell down got passed by all most every one by the time i finished i passed everyone but one rider the gate was full 25 + 2 others in the back side 2nd row this was on my brand new 84 ktm 250mx first one that SES Small Engine Specialties got in. I would put the bikes together for Brian and Eric after school. i remember all of the trails out at Jones creek you could ride from the main parking area there was some great single track in the water shed area over to Silver star down in to the upper parts of the Washougal river it was very easy to ride there 4 days in a row and only ride a couple miles of the same trail just to get out of the parking lot we would put on 60-80 miles with out riding the same stuff.
  7. What i would be scared of is being on a Dual Sport ride stop to take a break and find you have stopped right in the middle of a pack laying down in the bushes. Some of the places i ride into don't see much action but a hand full of people a year.
  8. Not human attack but...... http://wdfw.wa.gov/news/jun2912b/
  9. I will say one thing about this there is wolfs in another area very close in dont know how they got there just north & east of Sunset falls. i have seen them at least 2 adults and 6-7 cubs. I first saw the cubs thinking it was a pack of coyote's was getting ready to give one of them one of my arrows when mom walked out let me tell you they are huge thank god she didnt see or smell me i think i may not have walked out that day. then the 2nd one walked out then they went down the hill in to the draw that my camp was in. I am not the only one that has seen them in this area either i know of 2 other close friends that are in that area almost as much as i am. As for the wild life they have basically took all the deer and elk and either ate them or have pushed them out of the area that had 3-4 herds of at least 12 to 15 head every year tell the last 3 years now you cant find them because they are just simply gone. It will not take long and the St. Helens herds will start to show a loss. As for packing i do every day that i am in the woods or even thinking of being in the woods i never did pack while on my dual sport but the last 3 years yes i do now. Vern Jr. The cougars have been getting a very good population going as well in this area i speak of, the bears have always been showing a growth as well just very elusive.
  10. http://portland.crai...3067017542.html
  11. drz103

    My rant for the day.

    I know of some nice off the beaten path trails that i have worked on for 15+ years in the lower Giff. by Sunset Falls that dont connect to any other trails but work great for DS rides. Yes the MTBers have been moving into the area and clearing and building jumps i respect them and dont tear them up they are fun if you know they are there. if they put up signs that i cant ride them any more they better get out the way. last summer i cleared 2 river crossings in 3 weekends while on my MTB moving rocks building a smooth path through the water upper Lewis River, 3 other MTB guys stopped and asked what i was doing told them i was clearing the area so i can ride through the river they both said why dont you carry your bike across i said because it weighs close to 300lbs you should of seen the look on there faces. the trail is clear to mile marker 2.8 with only 3/4 mile to go but this is the hardest part of the trail i have walked it almost tot he top but it is way to much for just one guy to do, may be i will wait and let the MTB guys finish it then poach it. vern jr
  12. may have to hook up with on this one. so the snow park a dry camp? need a parking/camping permit? what kind of mileage are you looking at per day?
  13. drz103

    Old Men

    great vid. thanks for posting
  14. I am going to make it out his year.
  15. drz103

    2011 sucked...the numbers prove it.

    rocking back and forth on the stand making BRAP sounds.