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  1. maybe2old

    where did you send your suspension to?

    I took the advice and gave propilot a try. They dinged up one of the tubes (5 nicks wrapped around about 90 deg. in the anodized finish one the size of a pencil eraser) and the other tube had a dented disk brake cover mount requiring retapping the hole. If that isn't bad enough they claimed that I caused the damage by poor packing which I assure you was not the case. I ordered a box from them, doubled wrapped everything in bubble and stuffed the box so full of popcorn that it was hard to tape shut. If you want your suspension beat up Propilot can't be topped!!!
  2. maybe2old

    KPS Suspension Prices...

    I did a search here and discovered Pro Pilot. I sent in my suspension for the full treatment, the bike only had 7 hours on it but I'm 200lbs with gear so it needed springs. Can you imagine how I felt when I open the box to find big nicks on one fork tube and a dented disk brake cover mount that needed to be retapped to get a bolt in? I sent Pro Pilot pics and asked them to comment (that was all I said). They came back telling me that I packed the parts wrong and the damage was my fault. I wouldn't let Pro Pilot revalve my floor jack after my experience but YMMV
  3. maybe2old

    Valve theory...

    Funny thing, in the late 70's and early 80's when gas turned first, to low octane then to unleaded. Muscle cars were burning up engines left and right. The octane boosting tetraethyl lead was removed which cause detonation in high compression engines which everyone knows breaks rings and punches holes in your pistions. Change to lower compression and engine problem solved, right? Wrong. Problem two was lead was also a valve lubricant and guess what started eating valves, everything! The answer was hardened seats and different valve alloys. Ti is quite literally space age and hardly been around long enough to have all the kinks worked out. I am making the move to a 250 this week and it has been no stress free decision because of the possibility of valve issues. The concept that fuel mixture could have impact is certainly plausable in my mind. As far as running fantastic being an indicator of the right fuel mixture, don't bet on it, most engines make the most power with a too lean mixture, I've seen cherry red headers and split tubes. While we're guessing here the use of Ti springs might have something to do with the issue as well. When springs lose pressure the valve will bounce on the valve seat rather than just snap closed. Rear suspension springs of Ti are known to prematurely sag (or so I've heard) hmmmmm ?!? btw - I'm a newbie to bikes not to being a speed freak
  4. maybe2old

    05 230 what's it worth

    I'm in the same boat. I bought mine to just ride trails, I had absolutely no intention of getting on an MX track (dirt bike newbe at 42:)). Anyway, I wound up on the track and loved it. As you said the 230 is no MX bike and with the new 250's becoming available next week, I'm making the jump to an R. The extra power will be nice but I am really looking forward to the suspension. I won't jump the 230 except small tables because I know that'll just tear it up. btw - I don't have a single complaint about the 230, it's a great trail and starter bike. I just push the button and go, tons of torque way down low. Considering the entry level price I think it's a bunch of bike for the money.
  5. maybe2old

    05 230 what's it worth

    Yep, your probably dead on, I just need to be patient. I intend to pick up a 250 this week so I wanted to price it right cause I don't want to just let it sit. Thanks
  6. maybe2old

    05 230 what's it worth

    I have an 05 230 that I put in the classifieds for $2500. I thought this was a very good price (bike is only five months old) I paid $3250 and had to drive 9 hours to get that price but there seems to be little interest. What do you guys think it's worth? It's stock and has 6 riding sessions on it, the tires still have those little nipples on the sides.
  7. maybe2old

    2006 250x

    That's a problem. There's an atv place in Budds Creek that has trails but it gets boring quick. I bought a 230 when a friend said he had plenty of places (trails) to ride which turned out not to be the case. I met a guy who races and then found myself on a mx track. The 230 is the wrong bike for that! Even an extreme newbe like me can (and did) max that suspension. Now I'm looking at a 250, mainly for the suspension but not thrilled about having to wet nurse the engine. I stumbled over the X info while searching for the 06 R.
  8. maybe2old

    2006 250x

  9. maybe2old

    2006 250x

    Found this, thought you guys might be interested. http://www.4strokes.com/models/honda/2006/crf250x.asp