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  1. They are ALREADY cryin' broke. I love it!!! Things are lookin' up! The public aint playin' their game anymore, and I could not be more proud. We have been conned too many times before. We aren't falling for it this time. If you want to stop us from riding on public land, use the environmentalist's money, not ours, or just print up some more money, and we will keep ours. This is no accident. This is a flat out refusal to pay by the Arizona riding public. We are smart enough to know that by paying them, we are paying the very same 'holes that are trampling us and our rights every day. Hey government 'holes!!! Don't you see what is happening here? There is nothing left to give. You have it all. When times get tough, (which is only possible for those of us that do not have government jobs) the toy bills are the first to go unpaid. Waddaya gonna do, come to our houses and count the dirtbike to sticker ratio? Oh that's right... too many of us won't be there. The banks own those houses now. Gee whiz... less than 25% compliance? I'm cryin' my eyes out for 'em. That's not what they are getting from me. A lot less actually. More like 5%. The rest of my bikes will remain on private land or only on public land during a permitted event. And just because I have the sticker does not mean that I will gingerly come to a complete stop to let just any jack booted AZGF thug look at it. He will have to be able to ride, and ride fast. Sad but true, but we have reached the point where it is not worth what it takes, or what we have to be willing to tolerate, to ride on public land. The market is speaking loud and clear.
  2. Slugboy

    Lets play a little game....

    I have: Stock lower clamp and stem, RTT dampener, thumb stuff removed by RTT. Includes 7/8" bar clamp and 1" bar clamp with 1/8" risers, inc. all hardware. Studded for Fastway guards, including one set of Fastway guards. Works good. Works Conn. Radiator braces. RTT/Lazerstar single 8" headlight, brand new. Your choice of 35 watt bulb or 100 watt bulb. Wanted: Clean and straight set of stock wheels. Trades welcome. I'm in northwest Arizona. PM for specifics.
  3. What is it about "this ain't club level racing" that you aren't able to comprehend? You have every opportunity to race, unlike Supercross, but it will require winning to ride in the night show. It's a real simple concept, but NOOOOO, I'm the one who is on drugs... We finally get an excellent representation of what we do out on the courses that we all ride every weekend, we get to see the best riders ride the toughest stuff in an arena setting, and if we think we can do it too, they allow us to try. What are you complaining about? Do you log the same complaints against the Supercross promoters? I think not. I love Endurocross. It is my favorite sport. I can't bring myself to allow you guys to tear it down. I am not sorry for defending it. Now I'm gonna sniff more glue. :foul:
  4. They aint gettin' it BC, but it sure is entertaining. Guys... and girl, Do you think as lesser skilled riders you have been cheated out of your shot at glory by this Evil Money Grabbing Endurocross Promoter? Has he conspired with all the Evil Pro's who have viscuosly disguised themselves as Evil Experts, to see that you don't make the night show, thereby cheating the fans out of their opportunity to swill overpriced beer and watch you huff and puff, dump your bikes, dogpaddle your way out of and over all the obstacles, and taken all your entry money (that pays for the sport entirely) and spent it on crack and hookers, in the proccess? If so, you must fight back, for the good of the sport! You should make up some picket signs and march back and forth in front of the pits at the next Vegas round, and show that Evil Promoter once and for all what you really think. Then maybe he will re-think his program, come to his senses and let you all ride in a "main", and maybe if the signs are exceptionally large and brightly colored, and you march relentlessly, chant real loud, and kick your legs up really high, he might let you win the night show. Maybe if you throw in some loud chanting, such as... "We can't win, that's a crime, it's all your fault, it's on our dime. We are fast, but we get last, stop it now, let us win." ...they might come around. Try it. What have you got to lose? It just might work. I hereby volunteer to document the action with video, just in case the Evil Promoter sends Evil Security to taze you bro. You gotta admit... you guys are too funny. Don't hate me for laughing.
  5. The word "Pro" has replaced "Expert" in many organizations. It is not an absolute. If you think you can beat Taddy B, sign up pro. Otherwise, the event is open to anyone, however the gate is only so big, so the cream will rise to the top out of the quallies, and compete in the night show. The event is not intended to accomodate all riders, like a a local hare and hound, GP, motocross race, etc. would be. It is intended to pit the best against the best, narrowing that down in one day of qualifiers. That is what will pack the arena with fans, not beginners. If you would like to enjoy club level Endurocross, convince your local mx track to build some stuff and throw an event, as many have done all over the country. If you want to race in front of an arena full of fans, go faster and win in the quallies.
  6. Slugboy

    Where 2 stage in kingman

    Fro Phoenix, take I-40 almost to Kingman, turn left or south on DW Ranch Rd. It comes to a T intersection, turn left and go to the top of Hualapai Mt. Road. Go into the Ranger Station and tell them what you wanna do. They are very friendly and accomodating to dirt bike riders. They will put you up for the weekend. Rip some of that killer singletrack and AA two track while you're up there, before it gets too cold.
  7. Slugboy

    Here we go again! Let's rant!

    I think Maicoman means the 35 dollar per truck/motorhome "weekend pass" for Glamis. So I went to MVD today to get the straight scoop. Besides the info on the brochure that they gave me, here is what I learned... #1) Arizona Game and Fish has been tasked to oversee and enforce the program. Think the BLM is bad? AZGF is the worst. They have a genuine disgust for the public, and they are more than happy to express it with their ticket book. Period. I won't get into it here, but I haven't hunted in AZ for 10 years and I do not intend to EVER hunt here again. Therefore the info that I got from the nice lady at window #4 is open to interpretation by the AZGF officer. He can and will re- write the rules as he sees fit to make sure you get a ticket. The law IS being enforced now. #2) You do not have to buy the OHV sticker. You do have to title and register (one time fee) the bike, but if you do not buy the OHV sticker you cannot ride on goverment land. There is no late fee for failing to title and register the bike. I handed her a (notarized 5 months ago) title for a CR 500 and she asked me when I bought it. "a couple weeks ago". No late fee. #3) If you are entered and participating in a properly permitted event, during the event, on the course, you do not have to have the OHV sticker, even if the event is on government land. If the entire event is on private land, no sticker required. #4) Should you choose to purchase an OHV sticker to say "take the ol' Five-0 to Glamis" you have to purchase the sticker. It will last for one year, but you do not have to re-new it. If it lapses you will not be charged any late fees to re-new it later. You will simply pay the fee again and it will be good for another year. You will not be backcharged, cumilitavely or otherwise, for any lapses in time. #5) There are two categories of bikes that qualify for the sticker program. The first is the "mostly dirt/little street" bike. Example: my 450X is such a bike. The only good thing about this category is that now that I have the sticker, when the current registration lapses, I will only have to pay $4.50 to re-up it. Of course I will not be reimbursed for the much higher registration fees that I have paid on this bike since 2005. #6) The second category that qualifies for the sticker is the "mostly street/little dirt" such as the big adventure bikes. The registration fees are as expensive as ever, no $4.50 renewals, but all else is the same. So for those that have big bike collections there is a little relief. At least when I'm dead and stinkin' and I leave my bikes to my kid, there won't be tens of thousands of dollars worth of leins by the state on them, rendering them less than worthless. I'll choose carefully which ones I want ride on governement land, and that will be as few as possible.
  8. Slugboy

    Here we go again! Let's rant!

    Late fees? Does the law say we have to sticker all our bikes by a certain date, as opposed to purchasing the sticker when we choose to ride the bike on government land? If the former turns out to be the case, allow me to make yet another correction... 14 bikes at 117 bucks each is ... a paltry $1638 bucks... a year. A buddy of mine currently has a collection of 53 dirt bikes. 53X117= $6201... per year. I need to see the law. Anybody got a link? As is always the case, laws are concocted with little or no thought of the consequences to the taxpayer, only how much "revenue" the law will generate for the lawmaker. Notice how the state has recently cried broke again and closed a few rest areas on the freeways, but they still have enough money to run the mobil traffic cameras. Gee, there's a surprise. Well they can take a picture of my lilly white *** pinching another sticker fee on the side of the freeway, on my way to another event on private land.
  9. Well boys, 2009 aint even over yet and the State of Arizona has already raided the motorcycling kitty for a cool hunnerd thousand dollars. (see Dec 09 AMA magazine page 47) Laugable. I think it was 60 million from the Green sticker program in Kalifornia last year. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it was something like that. The government con has always been the same and always will be. I've been watching it for 40 years. Charge a fee to the user, cry broke, raise the fees continuously, limit access, hire new agents to enforce the limited access areas and related mandates, fine the **** out of the users to generate more revenue, buy new toys to run around harrassing, ticketing and badmouthing the paying users. It makes me want to run right down to MVD and get the new offroad sticker that they came up with last year, brought to us by Janet Napolo-Reno. "It's only 28 bucks a year" they said. Yea thanks. I currently have 14 motorcycles that qualify for this sticker, so let me correct you... It's only 392 bucks per year for me. So when I get that all paid up for ya, you can go buy a new satellite uplink gizmo for your patrol toy to make it easier to catch me. News flash! I'm not paying you. Catch me. and :foul:you. Next!
  10. Slugboy

    BLM Thinking for Me

    Someone mentioned that they do not understand his frustration... Allow me to explain my version of the frustration many of us feel when we find ourselves in this same scenario. Our generation grew up in the so-cal deserts riding motorcycles, buggies and 4 by's. We were free to roam the deserts at our own peril. We took all the risks, we made all the preperations, we made countless memories of adventure, successes, failures, making it out alive, etc. and we had decades of huge fun doing so. We were the only stewards of the land in those days. We made sure everyone left a clean camp, we made sure nobody got left behind, and we confronted anyone who put our loved ones in danger with their reckless behavior. We policed ourselves and it worked. We survived, and so did the desert. One of the biggest reasons we spent so much of our free time out there was because we were free. We were free to ride any way we wanted. We were free to wander off into the desert and take a dump even. We were free to have fun and we were free to make our own mistakes, and we were free to learn for ourselves how to not make them again. The desert was our "laughin' place", where we could forget the grind and spend time doing what we really love to do without the rat race bustle of city life, and no cops to tell us what we were doing is wrong. Fast forward to today... These kids, and I do mean kids, who have never slung a leg over a dirt bike, let alone spun a donut in a truck, are now armed to the teeth with little or nothing to do for the day, having no experience in the off road world whatsoever, fresh out of some community college somewere where there are probably trees, and they are gonna stand there with righteous indignation and a federal paycheck, and tell this veteran of the so-cal desert, who has paid for their upbringing, their education, and their federal job, with the sweat of his brow and the callouses on his hands... how to behave. These little punks are gonna stand there and tell this dez-vet not to do a donut. It is absolutely and patently absurd. He has every right to be frustrated. It aint personal. It is as convoluted as convoluted can be. These punks are so green to the sport that they are charged with overseeing that they cannot even recognize what it is that they are supposed to be watching out for. Don't feel alone my friend. There are thousands of us out there, and we are as sick of it as you are. And yes, we were rippin' Superstition, Rockotillo Wells and Glamis, partying our brains out with girls older than their mothers, before they were even thought about, let alone born yet, and then working our asses off during the week to pay for it all. Fact of the matter is, these dweebs are not qualified to carry our toolboxes let alone lecture us about how to behave in the desert. Ya know, in our day if anyone were to walk into our camp and start telling us how to live, we would laugh in their face just before we punched their lights out. It was common knowledge, and therfore it just wasn't done. Nowadays, there are gaggles of these little "public service" pinheads running around with 75-thousand-a year-plus-bennies reasons why they fell the need to "help us out" with their advice. Cram your advice and stay out of my camp. The only reason I tolerate you is the threat of imprisonment. I am not sorry. Slugboy
  11. Thanks for the answer, Mikie. I appreciate it.
  12. I was waiting in line at the local landfill when I noticed a copy of the new issue of TWMX blew out of the back of a truck. I picked it up and took a quick look... It shows works RMZ's with some kind of foam under the fenders and on the skidplate, but Swap was so busy writing PG rated captions that he completely left us out of the loop on this. Does any other moto journalist know what this is all about? I have never seen this before. Does it work and where do we get it? Thanks in advance
  13. I can't find specific directions or a GPS coordinate anywhere on the web or on the flyer. "follow the ribbons" for what must be 20+ miles of dirt road aint gonna cut it for an event that is a 6 hour drive from home. Help... Thanks in advance
  14. Slugboy

    hualapai mtn park, az

    Sten, More than you can ride out. Yes. A lot of the two track will knock your **** in the dirt. Yes, but no mass start. Gonna have to be a timed event. AMRA? The good news is, they are friendly to organized motorcycling. The Arizona Trials guys threw an event up there recently and so have others. The person to contact for detailed info (from experience) would be Daryl Folks at Trac-On/Sportsman's Cycle in Vegas. He threw a killer two day event last summer that was brutality on the A line and big time fun. So brutal that I noticed it didn't make it on the schedule this year. Too bad, it was a great ride. Bring it on. We need a close event. Slugboy
  15. Slugboy

    hualapai mtn park, az

    Dudes, 9 Miles from my front door. Killer spot, you'll never ride it out. Save it for summer. It's under snow right now. Monsoon season is the best. It's warm, the creeks run, and the dirt is wet. Yes, there is singletrack. Ya gotta like rocks to ride here. Slugboy