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  1. Bladerunner426

    Coolent reservoir cap

    Where can one buy a new or used reservoir cap for a WR426 2002? I think the cap was the same from 1998 threw 2006. or if any one is parting out a WR 426 let me know.
  2. That music was way to good for that video!
  3. Bladerunner426

    426 Running HOT! Any Advise.

    A little radiator tweak that size wont hurt you. You should check your Radiator cap and make sure it is sealing. If it isn’t then the water will boil over a lot sooner. Also check your carb and be sure that it isn’t dirty or running lean. Check air fuel mixture screw and jets.
  4. Bladerunner426

    i need help

    Have you done any thing to the bike yet, Exhaust, jetting, Gearing, Air box mods? If the bike is all stock then there is a bunch of stuff you can do to help the bottom end.
  5. Bladerunner426

    FMF or Dep

    Iv never used a Dep, but the fmf Q2 and powerbomb header make good power and are under 96dbl. Im veery pleased with mine. Iv also had the powercore 4, and that exhaust makes awesome power, but it is about 100 - 105 dbls.
  6. Bladerunner426

    GPR Stabilizer feels Loose

    Ok, Randy is the guy to talk to. Im going to give them a call on tuesday and see if I can get mine sent in and fixed. If they cant fix it then I will probably go with an RTT not another GPR. Thanks for the info.
  7. Bladerunner426

    GPR Stabilizer feels Loose

    Wire-Doc, what did they tell you when you sent yours in to get looked at. Did they tell you thats the way they are. How was ther customer service?
  8. Bladerunner426

    GPR Stabilizer feels Loose

    I Got the V2 stabilizer from GPR several 2 years ago for my wr426. But after lots of desert use it is starting to feel loose. For instance when the dial is set to 8 (actually any number, the problem is most apparent at #8) the bars have about 1 ½ inches of movement forward and back of free play before the resistance starts. I guess that the oil might have gotten air bubble in it. If this sounds right how do you bleed it? If not what’s wrong with it? As always, Thanks for the help.
  9. Bladerunner426

    D37 Desert racing in SoCal

    The weather was way better then I thought it would be. Keep posting those videos.
  10. Lets see some Pictures of those cheap toy haulers. Homemade, converted, whatever. I am looking for some ideas that will lead me down the path to acquiring my own cheap hauler.
  11. Bladerunner426

    2002 WR426F....Opinions.

    I have a 02 wr426, bought it new and done all the free mods and some that where not free $$$, and compared with A buddy’s 05 wr450 it is just as fast if not faster. What I like better about the 450 is the YZ Seat and electric start. But for the record I think that the wr426 is an excellent bike, especially in the desert.
  12. Bladerunner426

    seat suggestion

  13. Bladerunner426

    New Member, new bike, I need a new foot

    Do not hold the decompression lever in to shut the motor down. By doing this you are holding a valve open as the piston is coming up and they will make contact. It is better to put the bike in gear hold the brake and let the clutch out.
  14. Bladerunner426

    Tall rider choosing a bike wr426?

    Do not get the KTM! I road a buddy’s, and it felt like a little kids bike, that small. My 426 is roomy and comfortable and I love it.
  15. Bladerunner426

    Newbie - Should I get the WR250F or WR450F

    Check out SC's Post "The Final Word" for pros and cons!