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  1. colorado

    Check out Motosport they have some killer deals on the Atrax tire combos the Se' tires have dot on them.
  2. colorado

    Weather looks good for this weekend if it's not to sloppy IMI ride?
  3. Any trail riders in Loveland or Ft. Collins ?
  4. Colorado

    Thanks zzsean
  5. Colorado

    Does anyone know the mvum map for 717 on avenza ?
  6. Colorado

    I was from Kansas. Live in northern Colorado now. Glad I made the move in 07.
  7. Colorado

  8. Colorado

    I had Tubliss on both wheels on my 10 Fe 390 berg. worked well on the back. The front would bunny hop after 40 MPH. Ended up putting a heavy duty tube in front.
  9. Colorado

    Thanks. I thought my buddy was pushing to ride too early after the snow last week.
  10. Colorado

    Does anyone know the condition of 717 after the last snow storm?
  11. Colorado

    My 250 XC is guarded to the max. I use Flatland guards for the most part. I have a BPD chain guide tab guard and looking to get a linkage guard or a skid plate extender.
  12. Colorado

    I had a 94 YZ wr 250 z loved that bike and the seat height . It had like 50 hp. Rode it for 8 years till electric start came out. Don't miss that short kick starter that's for sure.
  13. Colorado

    I wasn't trying to offend you and apologize if I had. I actually move to Colorado from close to where you live. I to was spending summer vacations in Colorado riding also. There is so many different riding options all over the state. The cost living dictates where you live and most riding is only a few hours away. IMO
  14. Colorado

    I think weezer lives in the middle of Kansas , so you should look for a better source.
  15. Colorado

    + 1 on the 250 Xc picked up a leftover 13 last year. It feels much lighter than my 390 berg.