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  1. kstrailrider

    Rand Co area riding

    Yes , those are in airplane mode. That will also help the battery life, since your smart phone isn't looking for service.
  2. kstrailrider

    Rand Co area riding

    As long as the map is downloaded on your phone. You don't need service.
  3. kstrailrider

    Rand Co area riding

    Park Ranger District MVUM 2017
  4. kstrailrider

    Rand Co area riding

  5. kstrailrider

    Rand Co area riding

    Avenza free app. Download park ranger district mvum also free. On your smart phone you can see where your at when your riding. Even lay down tracks when your in airplane mode.
  6. kstrailrider

    Lost Garmin Oregon GPS

    My info was in the GPS . I lost my 4 k action cam on the moose run and Durrell found it 2 months later. He watched the video and figured out who I was and emailed me on my birthday and sent it to me a couple days later. I returned the good deed by having him set up my suspension. It is awesome by the way. I had the GPS for 5 years but have been using Avenza on my smart phone.
  7. kstrailrider

    colorado Lost Garmin Oregon GPS

    I lost my Garmin Oregon 450 on the willow creek single track at Snyder creek. Hoping some picked it up. Didn't know where I lost it till I watched my Video's from that ride. Rode there last weekend and couldn't find it. Thanks
  8. I'm in Granby for a week anybody else bring their dirt bike? I rode this area a couple times and know north of here a lot better. Open to ride either one. Any locals off during the week?
  9. kstrailrider

    License plate

    Check out Motosport they have some killer deals on the Atrax tire combos the Se' tires have dot on them.
  10. kstrailrider

    Loveland or Ft. Collins Co. Trail riders

    Weather looks good for this weekend if it's not to sloppy IMI ride?
  11. Any trail riders in Loveland or Ft. Collins ?
  12. kstrailrider

    Colorado Rider Prep

    Thanks zzsean
  13. kstrailrider

    Colorado Rider Prep

    Does anyone know the mvum map for 717 on avenza ?
  14. kstrailrider

    Colorado Bike Prep

    I was from Kansas. Live in northern Colorado now. Glad I made the move in 07.
  15. kstrailrider

    Colorado Bike Prep