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  1. kid3

    Best subwoofer box EVER!!!

    22iunch woofer 23 inches long 350 somthing in weight ... need 8 amps 6 capacitors 3 or 4 batteries... its called the jackhammer by NTX man i bet this is what it must feel like... i want one
  2. kid3


    Doesnt VP racing fuels make a gas specificly for thumpers? U4 Used in stock and modified 4-stroke applications, as well as stock 2-strokes. Makes up to 6% more power than pump gas and any basic nonoxygenated racing fuel. Passes fuel rules for AMA amateur racing and is also perfect for club level racing, CCS, WERA and AFM. • Color: Clear • Motor Octane: 92 • Specific Gravity: .718 at 60° F got it straight from http://www.vpracingfuels.com/vp_01_fuels.html?mgiToken=0C15B7C812685993C8
  3. kid3

    How far have you jumped?

    i was just bein a smart ass earlier .... but the biggest double ive jumped was no bigger than 60ft but i did jump a table top bout 80 ft from tip to very end you can see it at www.creeksidemotox.com is the big table top in the back
  4. kid3

    How far have you jumped?

    take a step back..... thats how far i've jumped
  5. I can understand using em if it makes the bike quieter for trails and state db levels and what not... but is it worth it for racing? does it add more hp then having just one pipe? or is it just unnecessary added weight?
  6. ahh that rule sucks .. I always did like a good long whoop section track looks like fun tho!
  7. kid3

    check this out

    bob333... question.. is that you? or a friend? .. i just got back ona bike this week from being absent for bout a year... I kinda involuntarily donated my bike.. don't ya hate it when people steal your stuff?? .. nice pic tho makes me wanna ride all the more
  8. kid3

    chain to loose or to tight??

    thats how tight my chain normally is.. i was watchin a show on 2wheel tuesday... i think they said 3-4 fingers is prety good... do you have a manual for your bike? does it say how tight?
  9. kid3

    Suspension Setup ... Is It True?

    normally if you hold the throttle all the way thru the jump and you jump it correctly you wouldn't have to lean back? I'm no expert but.. any one wanna help me on this one? just my opinion
  10. kid3

    A pic from yesterday

    idk im still a bit skeptical on whether or not its chopped but the friend jumping down hill explains the dust.. but what bout the shadow? shouldnt it be more under you in most cases? im just a stubourn person...
  11. kid3

    Post a pic of yourself

    Ive ridden at creekside.. good track. have they added a whoop section? havent been there ina while www.myspace.com/freddyskaffetty
  12. Great vid! looks like a good track.. although.... i amy be blind but i didnt see any whoops was there? i thought i mighta sall some breaking bumps but.. i swear.. im goin blind......
  13. kid3

    This is neat.

    My dad uses it on his laptop he got all the way to my house =D
  14. kid3

    A pic from yesterday

    indeed it is photo shopped.. look at the dust trail then look how high he his.. plus the take off isnt steep enough... if you look at the tires you can tell its photo shopped but who ever did it did a decent job on the body tho... just my 2 cents