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  1. seagravedriver

    WA ORV Rally Next Step - Operation CLOUT

    I have not been on this site for a while, as I started smoking a month or so ago. If I wanna ride it, I guess I will be there. May even pull my 9 year old out for a "field trip".
  2. I think KTM has been. They are about the only ones who have invested heavily into two strokes. It worked for me, now I mix my fuel:ride:
  3. seagravedriver

    2 strokes are still here

    Ever see a cruise ship leave? How about when greeners torch a bunch of SUVs or log trucks. Now thats A LOT of polution in the air.
  4. seagravedriver

    2 strokes are still here

    Proper On edit...... Good man who admits he goofed
  5. seagravedriver

    2 strokes are still here

    Being in the process of selling my 426, it could be a 300 KTM 2 smoke in my furture. It is nice to have the option. They aint dead yet
  6. seagravedriver

    RC snubs fans!

    I agree. I can deal with disapointment all day long, and sometimes do. I feel protective of my kids, and tend to get defensive. That being said, at Supercross in Seattle, we went for the smaller unk. guys, and got sigs. without fail. Never interupt, go when they look receptive. I enjoy a few famous people, perphaps an author, rider, talk show host, war hero, sometimes even a politician. but I think I perfer not to meet them, why should I when they may be having a bad day, (we all do) in a bad mood, (we all do again)? It is a bummer to see your kids let down, my wife still remembers a certain Seattle Seahawk who was a jerk 20+ YEARS AGO. She did let it go, but she remembers. Yep, he was at work, and 20 to go does not sound like much, but maybe he was already pushed past the limit. he does have a life, but again, I was not there, and some handlers need to know who is ultimately paying the bill for all the stuff, the consumer.
  7. seagravedriver

    Help with 300 decision

    There is a few of us waiting here for a ride report! Cripes, I don't even know anyone with a 2 stroke in the area I can ride, so eyes on you all! I too am currious how it will climb a hill. I am used to the power on demand of the 426, as hills were not a problem for the bike, just a problem for me.....
  8. seagravedriver

    Help with 300 decision

    Sounds like what I need. Most of what I have been ridding is what caused me the most frustrations on the 426, tight single track. (Bear in mind, two years ago I really did not know what that phrase even ment!) I hear from some people, and we know what that is worth, that the two strokes have a hit that will just throw ya, or they are going to be banned, or they are too loud I went to supercross in Seattle and the quiet bikes were the couple of two strokes left out there. I am hoping to plate mine for the street as well for the 5 mile drive back and forth to work, but most of all, I am sick of the 426 throwing me all over the track. I respect the 426, and love the power, but it is the wrong bike for me right now. I have been riding for less than two years, so there is still much to learn. One thing is for sure, 2 or 4 stroke, bikes are a blast
  9. seagravedriver

    Help with 300 decision

    OK, I am watching you. I am in the same boat, but with a 2000 YZ426, and I am 40. The 300 XCW has got my attention something fierce. I just want to try one before I buy one Craig
  10. seagravedriver

    Replacing 01 426 fork seals

    Got the service manual, but short on time as it turns out. Going to Devol (sp?) in Enumclaw WA, and after factoring parts that we would have bought anyway, he is only spending about 65-70 bucks. Next time with more time on our hands, we will give it a shot. There are still 2 more of us with the same bikes.
  11. seagravedriver

    Replacing 01 426 fork seals

    Man, sounds like I will try the credit car first, or what the heck. Worst case is that I take it to the shop afterward, providing I dont trash anything.
  12. seagravedriver

    Fork seals on a 01 426

    Being new to bikes, I am currious. A friends 01 426 lost a fork seal. Since there are 3 of us at work with pretty much the same bikes, I would like to give it a try. With a good set of tools and some mechanical knowledge, is it fairly straitforward to replace the fork seals, or should we farm it out? Thanks!
  13. seagravedriver

    Replacing 01 426 fork seals

    Response or no response, we are going to tear into it, probably Wed., unless there is overtime at work. I will let ya know how it goes, and try to post pics.
  14. seagravedriver

    Replacing 01 426 fork seals

    Any special tools? A friend's 01 is leaking fork oil all over, and it needs to be done. Having never done this before, but with some mechanical ability, and an above average set of tools, is it possible for the average Joe to do? Since I have the same bike, only a 2000, and another friend has an 01, we would like to figure this out for the future. Thanks, Craig
  15. Small world gunslinger! 2 boys and a girl! Oldest boy rides an XR80, (8yo), 6 yo boy is going to ride the Z50R I am rebuilding. 4 year old girl just rides along for now. Still buying used boots for the kids though, have yet to pull the trigger on a new pair for me, this thread has been helpful. Stay safe, Craig