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  1. edobratz

    Worn footpeg mount repair ideas.

    Will try drilling out and replacing the pin with a larger bolt. By the time it wears out the 2nd time hopefully the rest of the bike will be trash.
  2. Has any one successfully repaired worn footpeg mounts? After 10,000 off-road miles my mounts are worn out. The hole is egg shaped. I found a kit from Terrycycle mentioned in a dirtrider article years ago. http://www.dirtrider.com/drtested/141_0803_terrycable_footpeg_rebuild_kit/index.html The Terrycycle web site is very poor. They do not list any applications for the repair kit. Do they make a kit for the DRZ? I assume that I could get the mount welded then redrill the hole and grind new flats. Any other suggestions for a easier repair? Would rather not weld on such a critical part of my frame.
  3. edobratz

    DRZ Flywheel Weight

    Have you jetted the bike using the recommendations on this site? I have noticed a lean running bike will not lug down real low. It seems pretty much all factory jetting is on the lean side. I can lug my drz motor so low I can almost count the piston going up and down. All I have done is the 3x3 mod and set the jetting to burned's specs. Also the 4-stroke motors take a little while to break in. I noticed it took about 1500 miles before my motor had full power. Until then it wanted to stall when lugged real low.
  4. edobratz

    Snow tires

    I can tell you thaat trellborgs are the only way to go. They are expensive, (500-600 US dollar) but what high quality product is not? If you try to be a cheap ass there are solutions but the take a lot of time to install and don't last as long.
  5. edobratz

    Tire Studding

    I have tried all cheap methods and I can tell you this THEY DON'T WORK. Pony up the cash and buy trellborgs 500-600 american dollar will get you a set. They last at least 5 seasons of winter riding in my experience (southwestern pennsylvania riding)
  6. edobratz

    Return of BLING

    Here is a link fom an old tread that shows how much weight a drz can lose http://www.excite.co.jp/world/english/web/?wb_url=http%3A%2F%2Fdr%2Dz400s.com%2Findex.html&wb_lp=JAEN&wb_dis=2 a little anal if you ask me but what ti whore is not anal retentive?