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  1. howiemoto

    Sad Day

    It should bring a tear to your eye that Reed isn't really blowing his doors off. RC only "rides" for fun/testing, Reed is the current champion. Its kinda sad that RC would only need a month of SX training to take Reeds confidence away, Reed would be whimpering in 3rd place again. I like Reed a bit, but I think he'll be wine bagging again because he won't be able to touch James and RV.
  2. howiemoto

    MX Sports/ Do away with Numbers/ What do you think???

    MX Sports isn't newly purchased, They have been around for years. Think- LL AMA Amateur National Championship, Promoters of the Pennsylvania MX National rounds and the GNCC's. The DMG just worked out a deal for MX Sports and Davey Coombs to over see or manage the series. Also it reads that they have the CHOICE to run numbers on the side panels, but must run a number on the front plate. Some guys may still run a number on the side. I agree though, I like numbers better and I'm sick of Monster Energy on everything. At least they changed the names back to traditional MX names. I will be happy when they bring back the earned number system. One of the best parts of the season was seeing the new gear, new number and maybe new team of your favorite rider. Like Hannah going to Honda or RJ back in 83 and 86 respectively.
  3. howiemoto

    Building a track, WOULD THIS WORK?

    Well after posting my first response I read through the entire thread. sounds like you got real lucky with the property owner liking dirt bikes. My advise now would be, don't go over board and piss the guy off, maybe start off with only one friend at a time, and seriously consider keeping it at that. No sense in ruining a good thing. Keep a good line of communication open with the land owner and always try to keep him happy. Its like having a wife, if you want to go riding, shes kept happy. Any way, have fun and let me know if I can answer any questions about track building, water systems etc.....
  4. howiemoto

    Building a track, WOULD THIS WORK?

    I used to own a motocross track. A rider attempted to sue me after he crashed. My insurance did not want to back me. So I hired an attorney. We had 2 signed releases of liability from this rider since he raced 2 classes at the event. My attorney wrote a letter back to his attorney saying that he would be counter sued for breach of contract (since he signed the release--a legal binding contract) the sue happy rider went away, after $1000 in attorneys fees for me. Maybe a group of friends could rent the property for their private use and sign an agreement with the property owner. It would have to be your closets friends and not for profit, other wise you would probably have to get permits to run a business. I owned my 40 acre property, but when I first started of I rent a cycle park for my first mx event, then a few months later I rented a horse arena put on my #2,3 & 4 races. After those events I saved my money for a year and found an old abaondon car racing oval with a conditional use permit for Auto Racing (technically where I live auto means anything with wheels) and bought it. We sold it after 4 yrs.
  5. howiemoto

    2 stroke or 4 stroke?

    yz 250 smokers are the best, cheap easy maintenance,
  6. howiemoto

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    02 yz 250 BRRAAP!!!!
  7. howiemoto

    YZ250 Exhaust Choice, Suggestions?

    I have a 2002 yz 250, with an FMF Factory Fatty pipe, FMF Turbine core 2 Spark arrestor and a V Force reed block. Bike rips. Love it the woods and at the track. Spark arrestor alone increased power through out (gotta have it to go in the woods). I then bought the Fatty and V Force. Much broader power with a bigger hit. Sounds better as well with the Factory Fatty (bare metal).