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    Riding w/ my kids, BSU football, Moab!, avoiding surgical procedures.
  1. mowtown

    Phx East Valley area trails...Anyone out riding yet?

    Thanks Thumpdaddy!
  2. mowtown

    Phx East Valley area trails...Anyone out riding yet?

    Hey guys. If you were coming to town for the first time and had only one day to ride, where would you go? My 13 yr old son just graduated to a full sized bike (the same 5 yr old in my avatar) and he's doing pretty good…I'd say lower intermediate but getting better every ride and likes to be challenged. Considering all that, where should we go (Jan 1)? Also, is AZ ok with other state's reg stickers or do I need to get an AZ sticker? Lastly, are there any good riding spots that we can dry camp over night at? OK, I'm looking at Florence one day with probably keeping my 28' Toy Hauler at the AJ KOA campsite and just trucking in. Then maybe dry camping at Boulders on day 2. Any thoughts about this? Any flaws? Thanks for all suggestions.
  3. Subby, I never responded after my trip back in May (just noticed). Thank you for the info (you too Mikea). The Willow spot was not only perfect for our dry camping and dirtbiking but also for night racinbg in the razrs in the wash. I appreciate it!
  4. mowtown

    Scottsdale, AZ coming back from hiatus!

    Good info. I'm looking to come down from Boise for the Fiesta Bowl with my son and get a day or two of riding in also. Thank you.
  5. I've stayed at Archview 8 of the last 10 years so there's a good chance that I've blown through this area without even thinking about it. This is my first year with my own trailer as well as first time drycamping. That spot looks perfect. Thanks.
  6. Perfect, thanks! I thought the same thing about Fins when I was there last year...too busy. I've got 4 kids coming that range from a 13 yr just about ready for Sovereign to some 12 yr olds who haven't ridden in 2 years. It's tough trying to satisfy everyone. Thanks again.
  7. mowtown

    Moab April 25-28

    I'm with most here. Been to Moab 8 times and every time I consider doing 5MOH, I decide against it because it doesn't seem that fun. Don't get me wrong, I like gnarly, challenging terrain and love making it up something that I wasn't sure of before...but I also like to sprinkle that with single track, slick rock, sand washes, open desert, etc...not just 7 miles of beating the crap out of myself and my bike. No knock on those that DO love that type of trail. Hats off too you! Just not the best use of my time, my money, and my bike's plastics. That being said, I have a 12 yr old that, I fear, will want to be doing that kind of ride in a few years, so who knows.
  8. I was just going to post a similar question but saw your thread. I am drycamping 1 night of 4 (first 3 in an RV campground) and would like to stay in a spot that is wide open enough to let my kids buzz around on their bikes while still in sight. Trails are a plus but by this 4th day, we will already have taken several big boy rides, so trails aren't totally necessary. Would that 7 Mile Area recommendation fit the bill? If not, any other suggestions? After several years of just going with "the boys", this is my first time bringing the kids and I want them to have some fun. too. Thanks for any advice.
  9. mowtown

    Premix ratio and splooge creation

    Since you responded specifically to my post, I will gladly respond to yours. Laugh all you want. I'm saying with certainty that my bike spooges at 40:1 and not 45:1. Not gushing oil vs. bone dry difference, but a spooge presence, nonetheless. There is always going to be some point that a bike goes from spooging to not spooging. Whether it be 32:1 to 35:1 or 45:1 to 50:1, or whatever two numbers you want to use, that line exists. EDIT: Your 16:1 "story" may counter this but I, like others, find this 16:1 story hard to believe. But even if it is true, the line may exist at 10:1...it's there somewhere. If you keep eating and get fatter, at some point you'll be able to jump on your kid's trampoline and at another point, your fat ass will rip through. That's a physical fact. If at 230, you could jump but at 235lbs, you ripped it, would you then say that there's no way a mere 5 lbs could cause the trampoline to fail? Of course not. 5 lbs didn't cause the failure...the 235 did. Same with mixes. Your .36 figure doesn't cause my bike to spooge...ALL of the oil (3.2 oz) at 40:1 does. But, let me be clear, I am in know way diminishing the importance of proper jetting, too. (For the record, I keep my chubby 220 lbs off the kids trampoline for this exact reason)
  10. mowtown

    Premix ratio and splooge creation

    All that I know is that my bike spooges at 40:1 and doesn't at 45:1...everytime.
  11. mowtown

    What am I doing wrong?

    I'm NO expert but it seems that you are coasting into the turns and then accelerating out of the turns a little late. A major turning point in my riding came when I learned to come in to the turns a little faster than I was previously comfortable with, brake at the last second (if at all), then pin it halfway through the turn which, if you're up on the tank properly with your inside leg pointing toward our front wheel, will cause your back wheel to slide out. At first, this feels out of control...but once mastered is the coolest feeling coming out of a turn. When the rear end starts sliding out, you are now pointing toward the upcoming straight earlier and you are accelerating earlier...which all leads to faster times. There is more time to gain in the turns than anywhere else on the track. Just my humble .02. Great videeo and congrats on the lost lbs. Anyway, good luck!
  12. I have the same trailer and, while it's possiible to get three across the front, I find it much faster and easier to go two in front and one in back facing back against the gate/ramp. Much less crowded, no bars rubbing, etc. I load the two bigger front bikes first then just back the smallest bike (yz85) in between the first two. Then raise the ramp and push the smaller bike against the ramp. Tie it down to the sides and your off. Because of the open wire mesh of the ramp, I don't even need any kind of wheel chock. The front tire just grips right into the ramp's mesh. Just my version...take care.
  13. mowtown

    2011 ktm 200 cutting out

    I had the same problem...adjusted the float, drained the gas tank, adjusted the PV...problem would go away then reoccur, sometimes really badly when I really needed a hand full of throttle. One day, it hit me. When I was pressure washing my bike I was always careful around anything with bearings...but not careful enough around the gas cap. I was inadvertantly shooting water into my tank and it would only show up under full throttle when the bowl was being depleted. Carefully removing your bowl with the gas still in there will allow you to see the water floating on top of the gas. I stopped pressure washing around my cap and the issue went away.Might not be your problem but I can't be the first one...
  14. mowtown

    gun carry?

    Hey, I resembled that remark (about 25 years ago). So, do you simply carry in a holster? Do you ride more casually then? (No attack here, I'm sincerely curious). The other irony to this thread and the perception of some that I am anti-gun (despite about 5 comments to the contrary) is that I'm going for my CCW in two weeks. Folks, just like politics, you should be able to ask questions without being labled.