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  1. jcrumm

    Engine oil for 90cc 2-stroke

    Thanks for the reply, I'll give it a try.
  2. jcrumm

    Engine oil for 90cc 2-stroke

    We got a 2002 90cc 2-stroke Artic Cat and have run it about a half dozen times. So I finally got around to doing some maintanance on it and found that the oil in the engine (drain plug more in the back under the belt drive assembly) was milky white and very little of it. stamped up top by the filler it says 100 cm. if a cm is the same as a ml it was defineatley very low. i am wondering if anyone can tell me what oil is recamended for this machine or automatic 2-stroke quads in general. thanks
  3. jcrumm

    Cow Mountain or Middle Creek,Penny Pines

    Cow is an hour from Santa Rosa, but Middle Creek is another hour and Penny Pines is another 30 min past Middle Creek.
  4. http://s183.photobucket.com/albums/x115/jacrumm/?action=view&current=2.png[/img]
  5. I just put a top end (piston, rings,gaskets) in an 85 JR50. it had no compression and evidence of blow-by when apart. The exhaust pipe was very clogged (couldn't hardly blow through it when removed) but I put some carb cleaner in it and made it better. now, it is back together and has lots of compression, but runs horrible. It is leaking at the gaskets. Could the exhaust pipe not letting enough air through cause the gaskets to blow out? it would at least idle before when it had little compression. it won't idle at all now. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  6. jcrumm

    Jr50 Top End ?'s

    I justed picked up an OEM top end kit for my JR50 and i have a couple questions I hope someone can answer for me. First, the ring kit has three part. Two I was expecting, plus one thinner angled ring. Were does it go? Also, i cannot even blow through my exhaust. No wonder it was blowing by the rings. Does it need replacing? I put a little carb cleaner in there and it is slightly better. And finally, what if anything should I use to lubricate the cylinder and rings upon instalation. Thanks.
  7. jcrumm

    "88 kdx200 Shifter problem???????

    Found broken spring today. Looks like an easy fix. Thanks.
  8. i have an "88 KDX200 that I keep around for when I need a fix of 2-stroke. My buddy was riding it a while back, and the shifter got way to much play in it. It will shift, but the shifter swings almost a quarter revolution. Too much to for the foot and reaching down with the hand is out of the question. I have replaced the lever and it is definatley not just striped on the post. Will the case need to be split? Let me know what you think.
  9. jcrumm

    catching neutral

  10. jcrumm

    when do I know its time for valve work

    Just Adjusted valves on my '00. when I read about the cold starting issue I knew it was time. This was my first time doing it. Started out with confusion, but when I got a metric feeler gauge it all started to make sense. Bruce and I had the exhaust cam out when he did the ACR mod for me last June, so it all came back when seeing it again. I went two sizes down on both inlet valves (3.05 to 2.95) started right up and ran it around the block this afternoon Used a sharpy to mark the sprocket and chain to get back to the same timing. though lining up the marks on the sprockets to the head and counting the 32 pins on the chain would have been easy too. Dealer wanted $11.95 each for used shims would have been over $51 dollars. A local cycle shop sold me shims for $5 each with exchange, $7 dollars without. if you are nervous about it, like I was, don't be; it's easy. But I would definatly keep a rag stuffed in the motor so you don't drop anthing in. and, put a ziptie on the chain so if it goes down you can use it to pull it back up (a Brewster trick).
  11. jcrumm

    Feb 17th Ride

    About 150 miles to the north. West of Maxwell on 5. Do a mapquest to Stonyford, CA. When you get to Stonyford turn left and left again at the Ranger Station. 15 miles of paved road to staging area. (Davis Flat). You will get alot of info by doing a search on TT as well. Also called Grindstone Ranger district.
  12. jcrumm

    Stonyford directions

    Davis Flat is in the Grindstone/Stonyford Map. North is Lake Pillsbury, and South is Upper Lake Area(Middle Creek, Penny Pines, etc.) There is a trail map available, perhaps at the info place in Stonyford. Forest Service Rangers in the area are glad to give maps too. I got mine at the BLM office in Ukiah. Try your local BLM office or Forest Service office.
  13. jcrumm

    2007 KLX300r or 2006 KDX200?

    The 2-stroke vs. 4-stroke debate again. I own both, though my KDX is quite a bit older. Ease of starting, repairing, with an exiting power band vs. predictable power and great low end control. You will find lots of good info on both in this forum to help you decide which is right for you. or, look into good used machines and get them both.
  14. jcrumm

    Is My Header Stock?

    Be patient, I've been waiting over five weeks for my header. It's hard to get a response by phone, but they return my E-Mails promptly and report that they are waiting on parts and will get them out ASAP.