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  1. ryno66

    Apr 21/22 - Moonrocks 2012 EXPO 3

    So is anyone going this weekend? We considering rolling out for the weekend with (Shadyatbest/ Worn Sproket/ Zen Dog/ Crackerbox/ Sharpie 1/ and Deadweight). So whos in and whos out? If this weekend is fizzling out I will just plan a day trip somewhere else.
  2. Will somebody please just buy this YZ guy a round at the Mustang Ranch or something. He always gets so tense and one can only imagine he hasn't been laid in a while. I got 5 on it..........
  3. ryno66

    Best food to have on the trail?

    Snickers bars, beef jerky
  4. ryno66

    Downieville Chimney rock clear?

    I don't know about you guys but I think YZWiley is 100% correct and have a propisition for all of us. Why don't we a get together and purchase the above mentioned trail systems and we can elect YZWiley as "King of the Trails", or maybe even "King of Cali", (kinda like the ring of that). This way we all know that these trails are in good hands and the best man wins. Then, just maybe we can have a raffle system statewide , possibly even worlwide, to actually be able to ride these trails and get lessons from a legend. With a little marketing, photo shoots with Yiley, etc. I think we may have a real winner here. Think about it, I know the ladies would love it...
  5. ryno66

    Downieville Chimney rock clear?

    Was up there Sunday and boy, were there some incredible riders. There were these 2 guys on YZ250's that were flat out fast. Talked to a few people on the trail and they were just passing people left and right. They staged by the creek and were in a gold/ orange newer Chevy truck. Anybody know who these guys were? Probably pros for sure.........
  6. ryno66

    Riding Moonrocks 11/9

    Rimbenders MRAN race was last weekend. Sunday conditions couldn't have been better..........
  7. ryno66

    Bronco in Creek @ Georgetown?

    I'd like to take a moment and solute the idiot that drove the old fullsize Bronco down to the deep water crossing and broke down in the creek. The rangers were scurrieng all over this morning looking for the owners and the last I heard they were going to get a dozer own there to get it out. It was a good day at Georgetown other than seeing irresponsible people ruining things for the rest of us. Also a little depressing on 1, 4-1, 2 with all of the logging destruction, ultimately kind of a sad day..........
  8. ryno66

    GPR V4 Damper Issues

    Had a friend with a problem with his GPR V1 damper again at the WORCS race at Honey Lake. Seemed to lock up on the first lap of the race. Took the bike to the GPR trailer and the tech pulled the bike up, took the damper off, adjusted the post properly, polished off a few mm's of the stem nut that seemed to interfere with the damper mounting (KTM 300), disasembled the unit and was pissed at the previous person that rebuilt it because there was debri in the passages and potentially a damaged o-ring. Needless to say mounted up a brand new damper out of the massive tool drawer of new dampers and also told my friend to contact them on Monday and they would send out new upper bar mounts for for his troubles, His old upper bar mounts were both chipped from a crash. Bottom line is the took care of business and had no problem finding out what the problem was, fixed it right there, and went out of there way to offer new bar mounts. I can honestly say that this is why I do business with GPR and will reccommend thembecause they will stand behind there products.
  9. ryno66

    Aluminum frame steering brearings

    Just packed all my bearings up good when my 2008 YZ250 was new in April. Took my bike apart last night and behold, both upper and lower bearings are toast, beyond reusable. This is really #$%ked. Has anyone came up with a solution for this problem that could get really expensive. You would think that a company such as Yamaha would relize these issues when you spend $6500 on a new bike and have maintence issues that should not be issues for a few years. Pretty dissappointing if you ask me.........
  10. ryno66

    GPR V4 Damper Issues

    Don't mind CrackerBox. He just found the Employment Development Department is available online and has no need to sit in lines all day to get a handout. This frees up some spare time to stir some #&*@ on this page. As for GPR I can't say that they could have responded any better/ quicker. Just recieved a new damper in the mail today overnight UPS and prepaid shipping back to GPR. I was told that there is a really small percentage of seals that are bad, this might be the case. I will give this one a try and hope for the best. I am pleased when companies step up to the plate and back there product like this.
  11. ryno66

    Real Deal SSS Ride this Weekend

    I think that might be Wiley's chain in the avatar! Not many parts can withstand his lightning speed and, well, let alone the G-forces subjected to his equipment......
  12. ryno66

    GPR V4 Damper Issues

    Went riding yesterday at Moonrocks with a friend that has a KTM 300 with a nice new GPR V2 damper, 2nd ride with it. What do you know, blew his up taday too, actually leaking more than mine. Pretty ridicoulous if you ask me. They will be getting a call tomorrow. We are both racing next weekend and are BOTH now w/o dampers.
  13. ryno66

    GPR V4 Damper Issues

    Lower bar rise......
  14. Looks pretty, less than impressed. After about a month of debating what damper to run I finally decided on this unit due to the fact that it is tucked away under the bars nice, I can still run a good bar pad, and only raises the bars about 1/2. Rode at Moonrocks for about 35 miles on the test run and I notice the damn thing pissing all over my frame and gas tank, I am pretty excited at this point. After doing some searching I come to find out that a little initial weep is normal. I am obviously a little beyond this stage. So I put the bike up on a stand and set the damper to around 6 to see if it is working correctly. Sure enough it is rough and has dead spots all around where the unit feels like there is air in it and low on fluid. I realize that GPR customer service might be top notch but what about there product? I refuse to run crap on my bike and feel as though this might be what I got here. I am pretty bummed on the whole situation and will now be w/o a damper for a few desert rides/ races. Please post of any issues with GPR quality. I cannot say that I wasn't warned about these units in general, but want to know of other leaking issues that were encountered with these units. I have talked to few people that have sent them in numerous times or even replaced the o-rings themselves yet could never stop them from leaking. Spending $450 on ANY part and ending with these results is a major bummer and will never happen again. If it isn't fixed right the first time and for good you will hear about it.........
  15. ryno66

    Moon Rocks march 15th??

    Great ride yesterday, fun time had by all. Though at times I think the machine of choice would have had tracks and skis..............