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  1. just need to know if the yamaha has a bigger stock exhaust tip than the suzuki... and im not talking about the whole muffler just the actual exhaust hole... lol... for 06's if that matters. thanks!
  2. One of my buddies bought this bike but just doesn't have time to ride it so he is going to get rid of it. What do you guys think is a fair price? Oh, the bike only has about 2-3 hours on it. Thanks. Ryan http://ppsracing.net/store/cart.php?..._detail&p=1056
  3. Hey how's it going. Well i just went ahead and got a TB88 kit w/ race head. It has the TB rev box and I bought a BBR Big Bore pipe. Now i'm having trouble tuning this damn thing, I think. I did the whole rev out all the gears then shut the bike off, coast to a stop, and check the plug. When i look at the plug, the tip of the electrode(hook) looks gold. Like shinny polished gold or like copper. Lean RIGHT? I mean it's perfectly smooth almost no sign of burnt fuel on it. But, the bike runs ok. It also bogs as it goes up the RPM's. I went to a smaller main, 90-92, i have a 95 on it now, and it seems to get better with the smaller main. But plug doesn't change so I'm afraid to run the smaller main cause I don't want the bike to run to lean and melt down, thats why i have the 95 in it now. Sorry for the long ass story but this bike is starting to bug the f*** out of me. What would you recommend as far as settings that have worked for you? I'm in Riverside, SoCal. Thanks for any advice. Ryan
  4. RyanDG

    TB 88cc kit w/ race head

    I'm not sure if it is possible or not. But, you can just rent the tool at your local autozone or kragen or whatever you have in your area. Most places will assemble the race head for you if you just ask nicely:)
  5. RyanDG

    bbr or takagawa?

    So does this mean you can't run 91 on the TB88 Race Head motor?
  6. RyanDG

    Sikk mx..Good-bad????

    I like mine. Im selling another one that my girlfriend rode for like 5 hours. If your interested send me a pm.
  7. RyanDG

    Is this a good deal?

    Yup thats the bike. It runs strong, just kinda wierd looking with the body lift. I think ill be happier in the end with the new one since i got a fairly good deal and now i can make sure everything is maintained the way i want. Only thing that sucks about buying a new bike is now im trying to not blow cash on modding the bike. Oh well... Ryan
  8. RyanDG

    Is this a good deal?

    I actually just picked up a brand new 05 crf50. So far put the BBR bar kit and applied rear spring. Next up is some HD fork springs and bushes. But the only problem is im trying to find stock length HD fork springs and no one seems to sell them. You think it would be safe to just buy some HD springs and cut them to the desired length?
  9. RyanDG

    Is this a good deal?

    lol, yea from what everyone has told me so far i should jump on it. Yea and the lift kit is gonna have to go.
  10. Hey guys, I am looking to buy a crf50 and I found one but i was just wondering if you guys think this would be a good deal. Its an 04 crf50, adult owned, just used to ride around camp grounds. Black plastics, skin graphics, ishock without res., HD fork legs and springs, Big Bar Kit, rev box, tall seat, body lift to get the seat a little higher, K&N filter, HD pegs and mount, extended shift and brake lever, and all the stock parts. The guy is asking about $1,100, but is willing to go down in price. Now should i jump on this or just go out and get an 05 for $1000 otd? Thanks for any input. Ryan
  11. RyanDG

    Thoughts on "sikk" pit bikes?

    I have a Sikk bike as well and I must say that im very happy with the purchase. I've put it throught quite a bit and it just keeps on going. I haven't jumped any 30ft's but i've jumped it, revved it to hell going uphills, motarded for 3 15-20 minute intervals with the bike tached out the whole time and it never sputtered once. The only thing that i can say that I wish was different is the rear shock. I just can't get this thing set right. No biggie im buying a Fox air shock so that should solve that issue, and whether or not I got a china bike or a honda the rear shock was going to go anyways. Oh and put in a 16T xr50 front sprocket so you can actually use first gear. Hope this helps. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask. Ryan
  12. RyanDG

    12" Rear on Sikk 125?

    Has anyone put a 12" rear wheel and tire on a sikk bike? And not the XL version but the regular A-arm. I am getting new wheels tomorrow so i can use them for mini-motarding, and if a 12" will fit then thats what i plan on going with. Thanks Ryan
  13. RyanDG

    z50 sprocket doesn't fit

    try a crf sprocket?
  14. RyanDG

    Anyone Ridden Sikk Mx??

    when you replaced the fork oil did you use the same amount as stock or did you add extra?