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    well figured out it was the clutch safety switch. currently its disconnected from the handle (had a run it with a tree and replaced the handle) and i disconnected it from the harness but the bike woulndt start so any way around that? besides that it was the switch itself, some how or something kept it down a little bit so it woulnt start. it starts now that i got it figured out tho... again im gonna search on it but for now asking if theres any way around the clutch safety switch thing,
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    no, i have lights and the starter does not turn over at all. its has all the power in the world, just not starting. also i dont have a kickstart so i cant see if it would start without the electric start.
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    ok ive got a 02 drz400e to start off. i bought it used so i havent been with it since day one. it runs just fine and everything but yesterday it would not start at all. it did start and i rode it to my partent house about 200ft down the road. i didnt get on it or anything (the gas that is) and i shut it off there. about 5 minuites later went to start it up and nothing. doesnt even make a sound. it does start when you jump it but thats it. it has power and starter is good still so??? someone told me that if your valves need adjusting that the bike will not start out of no where, i was wondering if this is correct and possible also anyone have a rough estamite on how much a valve job is for these bikes?? thx.