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  1. Can someone tell me how the Ti4 comes apart? I want to repack it. I don't have any literature from the prev owner. Couldn't find it on the FMF website. I don't have to remove it from the bike do I? Thanks in advance!
  2. Jeff620RXC

    1997 620 Exc

    One other option...a guy on ktmtalk used the 99 and newer 18L tank and then split two seats and glued them together and had it upholstered... The front half of the seat was from the 99 & newer style to match the tank and the back half matched the rear fender etc. Clever thinking....
  3. Jeff620RXC

    1997 620 Exc

    The 99 and newer does not match up well...the subframe changed in 99. The front peices will fit (mask & fender). But the rear plastic will not fit with the stock seat etc. It is possible....I have 04 SXC plastic on my 98 RXC...but it isn't cheap to do.
  4. Jeff620RXC

    LC4 Main Transmission Bearing Failure Notice

    PM'd you...I can email you the LC4 bulletin I have if you want. It does not say that every LC4 should have this changed...it just says it is available for every LC4. Like Creeper says...most dealers claim they must split the cases to replace the bearing ($$$). EDIT: I guess the bulletin I have is the same one that is in the thread Creeper provided the link to. My bad.
  5. Jeff620RXC

    please help oil on the airbox

    Make sure you do not overfill the oil. Oil in your airbox is often the result.
  6. Jeff620RXC

    Enduro to Adventure Conversion

    I've read where some have used the 28L. The Adventure has a fuel pump. I've seen where guys don't put a fuel pump on and if they get low on gas just stop and lean the bike over to slosh the remaining fuel in place. There were a few pics over on ktmtalk.com and they looked pretty good. You should try a search over there. Your 18L tank is pretty desirable and I don't think you'd have any problem selling it. The 625 SXC guys lust for the 18L since the SXC comes with a tiny tank. I'm pretty certain you would have to swap seats too. You'll notice the weight off road but you could only fill it partially to keep the weight down...I would think the weight would be lower too since the tank hangs a little lower than the 18L.
  7. The 03's and above have the updated bearing...no worries there.
  8. Jeff620RXC

    LC4 Maintenance

    It will get easier after a couple of times....promise.
  9. Jeff620RXC

    LC4= Hard Enduro

    No need for a kickstand! :-)