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  1. Bendbiker

    selling my 2012 xcw 200

    HI, GMOSS and other are correct about which type of bike suits you best, today. Tomorrow it might change. Anyway, I'm looking for a 2102 200 XCW. Thinking of upgrading from my 2004 200 EXC. What state are you in? I'm in Bend, Oregon. Send me a PM if you're near Oregon. Scott
  2. Bendbiker

    2010 450exc blue smoke

    I experienced the same smoking issues on my 09 EXC with 45hrs= 1200miles. Once or twice during a 2hr ride, bellows of smoke would suddenly appear and then within a minute of running it would clear up to no visible smoke. Yes, engine was warm/hot in all cases. I bought bike used with those hours, and all smoke and EGR removes. I lift the valve cover hose and crank case hose connected to that T, but removed the T from the carb intake. Blocked off the carb port, and ran that 3rd port of the T to the swing and but in a filter so dust would not enter. Later, I'll route that to the air intake box. I believe the intemittant smoking is solved, but need to ride with buddies to confirm. Bike uses 2oz of engine oil every 3hrs trail riding (60 miles). Crank case oil remains steady. Thoughts on this oil consumption??
  3. Bendbiker

    husaberg 390 question

    Nope, I don't notice smoke on my FE390. You'll want to accelerate under long, medium loads to force the rings to seat properly during the break-in time. Constant idealing or constant RPM is not recommended during break-in. In other words, keep shifting up to apply a load under medium accelerations to break it in.
  4. Bendbiker

    2010 Husaberg 390 - dying after 2 days - HELP!

    If someone will tell me how to post pictures, I'll post them of the clogged fuel pump screen. The problem still sounds exactly like my new FE390 after a couple hours riding from brand new. Removing the tank is not bad, but it is a tight fit wiggling it out of the frame. The pump assembly removal is easy.
  5. Bendbiker

    husaberg 390 question

    I have 15hrs on my 390 now!!! It's a keeper. Came off a TE450 Husky and prior to that a Honda CRF250X with Athena 280 kit. The FE390 feels to have less HP/torque than the Husky, but more than the CRF280X. Or, the FE390 just feels more mild-mannered than the TE450. I can say that I completely "bonded" with the FE390 after trying and making a local hill climb. Making it over the hill climb twice surprisingly easily tells me it has the HP/torque. The hill is 300ft long with deep soft sand (torque sucker) with scattered rocks and rutts. So, sometimes you have to let off, then come on hard again. This FE390 is amazing - it grabs traction, absorbs the rocks, and does not indicate it's going to flip over. The CRF280X would have lost speed in 3rd in the deep sand and 2nd might be too slow to stay on top. In 2nd (stock gearing) the FE had enough HP/torque and speed to work its magic.
  6. Bendbiker

    2010 Husaberg 390 - dying after 2 days - HELP!

    Hi, My FE390 experienced the same symptoms. The cause was some sort of jelled plastic covering the fuel pump filter. You have to remove the tank, take out the fuel pump from the bottom/back end. Then you see a 1" diameter filter screen that surrounds the pickup tube. This is a pre-filter to the paper filter that is at the intake to the pump. It's a large assembly in our takes!!. Anyway, the prefilter screen pulls off and is easy to clean. I also found white plastic clipping inside the take, which I flushed out. I don't know what the contaminate was, but its gone now and problem solved.
  7. Bendbiker

    Atten Husaberg Owners

    Looking forward to the info. 3.3gallons total is perfect for me.
  8. Bendbiker

    I got the fever - Berg 390

    That Berg 390 bug is biting me too. I'm in Bend, where do you keep your 390? How is the street riding a 60mph (mainly concerned with engine vibration)? Cheers
  9. Bendbiker

    Good kickstand fix for TE?

    FatBuoy, Looks great. Share with us how to buy. In the meantime, I used a 24" Cresnt wernch to bend the mounting tab out a few degrees which allows the stand to move out a couple inches (still not enough) in the down position, and when the stand is up, it remains in the same position. Husky could have EASILY solved this problem by welding on that mounting tab 16 degrees rotated outward. That moves the foot out by 4" when down. And yet leaves the up position exactly where it is. Come on Husky (BMW) !!!!
  10. Bendbiker

    Fuel Pump Not working - TE250 & TE450

    The latest lead is George at Uptight Husky has contacts in Japan that might offer help. Aisan (Japanese company) is the manufacturer of the pump motor. Looking forward to good news from him. I would like to see other Husky dealers help with less than a year old bike having fuel pump motor problems. Remember, USA owners receive a 6-month warranty.
  11. Bendbiker

    Fuel Pump Not working - TE250 & TE450

    OK, I found the manufacturer (it is written on the terminal lug side); it is Aisan in Czech Rep. The importer is Franlin Precision Ind in Kentucky, ph 270-586-4450. I'm call them Monday. The problem, in my case, certainly was the motor. Tapping on the side of the pump causes it to start. Openned it up and looked like dirty commutor. Clean with scrup pad; starts every time (appx 50 restarts). Still looking to buy a new pump motor Monday.
  12. Bendbiker

    Fuel Pump Not working - TE250 & TE450

    I read through all the treads on fuel pumps and did not see where someone has replaced theirs. On my 08 TE450 with 1320miles, the fuel pump works intermittanly. So far, it only fails when upon trying to restart; it has never stopped working while the bike is running. Sometimes it primes when the key is turned on and other times not. All other idicators are fine like the engine green like, starter works, but no fuel pump at times. I've taken the pump out 3x checking all connections and even re-crimping some. The pump relay works every time and 12vdc is going to the pump during that initial 2 second key-on, but no pump. I even connect 12vdc right to the pump terminals - nothing; then all the sudden it spins. But put everything back together test ride, 4 or 5 restarts OK, then the next try and nothing. Follow up: Just rechecked the pump setting on a bench. Connected 12vdc Red +, Black-, and it did not spin; tapped light on the pump side with screw driver handle and it started spinning. So, definitely a problem internal to the pump motor. This explains the need to wack the seat or anything else to jar the pump alive! Pump markings are: 4S 7JB-B2 00071 MADE IN CZECH. Anybody found it on the web? The dealer wants $560 for the pump unit. I just need the simple pump motor which sould only cost $50! Does anyone know how to buy just the pump motor whether factory or aftermarket???
  13. Bendbiker

    08 TE450 Dirt Bike Mag Review

    Anybody know how to find the article? Sure the opening tread takes me to Husky's web site, but where is the article?
  14. Bendbiker

    2009 310 Review

    Who could say no to that bike at that time at that location!!! Absolutely paradise.
  15. Bendbiker

    big bore kit

    The Athena 280 kit does wonders. I dropped two teeth on the rear, 53 to 51, and now can ride 1 gear higher, i.e 3rd gear rather than 2nd. Have 120hrs on the Athena with no issues except intake valves wend to .001 in 110 hrs. That is the 2nd set of stock ti intakes in the total of 220 hours on the 05X. Once those intakes start to move, they move quickly there after, i.e. .002 to .003 in 10hrs! Time for a better intake valve.