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    Yz250f Dead Spot

    well i own a 2002 yzf250 got it back from the shop after rebuilding the carb, i have let it sit for six months with gas in the carb and it didnt run, now it runs.... i guess, but ive taken it back to them twice to fix a dead spot issue on the carb if i go to full throt fast it kills the bike if i hold it there as if the accel pump is fluding it out or what im leaning to is not pumping gas to it.... ive heard about the 60-70% the factory accel cover pumps in and ive heard about the boysen quick shot cover and i was wondering if any have had this problem and if so or not how do any of you like the product.
  2. woodwardracer

    HOT AND LEAN problem. need help....

    well i don't think its the carb for somereason. i called the dealership and talked to parts and they said i could have a main seal behind the stator going bad??? i don't know how that would cause a lean condition. so i think I'm just going to take it in to have them deal with it so i can get riding again. everything on the carb looks good hot start works smoothly. i took it all apart again and gave it a nother cleaning and reassemble it and still ran the same checked for air leaks none were found.
  3. woodwardracer

    HOT AND LEAN problem. need help....

    I air fliter is clean and oiled the plug is a stock plug ngk BR8EG i blieve. i cleaned all the passages out i have the carb completely disasembled as far as i could and cleaned every thing with a soft parts brush. first i though there was a leak around where the hot start is or the boot but i found none there i sprayed the carb down with wd which made no change.
  4. woodwardracer

    HOT AND LEAN problem. need help....

    I know its lean look at the title of this post... i just cant figure out where its coming from. Ive rebuilt the carb and tried different adj on the carb to make it fatter but nothing works to correct my problem of being really lean. i made this post to see if anybody else has gone through this problem and even though its lean i cant under stand why the water temp rises so fast.
  5. woodwardracer

    HOT AND LEAN problem. need help....

    Ive had the bike since 02' the pipe has about 2 inches of red hot with the choke out and about 4 or 5 inches with the choke in and this happends with in 30 seconds of running and the plug is white like paper. and this is all over the rpm range and the radiatior heats up in under a min which isnt normal i kown a water cooled bike wont heat up in a min to where i cant touch the coolant in it.
  6. Well I have a 02 yz 250f it sat for six months in my garage and I never fired it... was kind of busy with a new job but now I have time.... problem is i let gas sit in it for the six months... I cleaned out the car put a new needle set in. changed main and pilot jets and gave it a good bath.... now my problem is that its running really lean and water temp climbs to hot to touch in 45 seconds. exhaust header gets red hot in about 45 seconds too with choke on... my carb settings are stock.... 178 main jet and clip position #4 pilot screw at 2 turns out.... any help to get back out would be great.