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    05' crf250x - Jetting needle

    Hey I've got an '05 CRF250X and i was my first bike too. It is very tight. I already had the tank and airbox out and it was still pretty tight. But I kept at it and once I got to it itwasn't too bad. Did the jetting in about 30 min and I'm pretty slow. Good luck. Scott
  2. jettdrive

    @%!* Valves! I need help!

    Don, I like inches better too. Either way its all in the measurement so that wasn't any problem. I feel better about the measurements I took. I wish someone did live close by just to say "yea dude your measurements are spot on" but I think I'm in the ball park. I'm gonna say both exhaust valves are .007" (maybe .008") and both intake valves are .0015". I will pull the cam and check/measure the current shims to calculate what the new shim should be. I will send you an email, because I would like a copy of your spreadsheet. Thanks to everyone for your help. Don, do you live in SW Austin? Scott
  3. jettdrive

    @%!* Valves! I need help!

    Thanks That sounds great, I will try the tapered feeler gauge. The more I think about it, I think the intake may be .0015", after all I could get .0015" in and .002" wouldn't fit. Even though the tapered one would certainly fit better. The .002 isn't any wider so it should've fit. What do you think the exhaust clearance is? .008"?
  4. jettdrive

    @%!* Valves! I need help!

    I need help! I have a 2005 CRF250X. I just checked the valves at 15.4Hrs. Both the intake and exhaust valves appear to be out of spec. However, the biggest problem I’m having is trying to figure out how tight the feeler gauge should be! For instance… the exhaust valve spec is .011” (+-.001”) Here are my measurements! .010” will not fit .009” very tight .008” pretty tight .007” feels good .006” too loose How tight should the feeler gauge be? I would think that you wouldn’t use the largest size you can cram in there? I’m guessing it is .008” Now to the intake valves. The spec is.005”. However, it is harder to get a good “shot” at these valves. I can easily slide a.0015” gauge between the cam and valve shim and see it come out the backside. But I can not fit a .002” gauge in. I tried .002” .003” .004” .005” .006” .007” .008” and the all felt the same, only when I tried a .009” gauge did it feel like it went in and HIT something (made a dead stop) all smaller sizes felt like they went in and kinda got “stuck” in something! I have no freaking idea what the proper measurement is! Can anyone help? Rapture, I’ve never met you. But was wondering if you ever swing through Southwest Austin? Buy you or anyone else in SW Austin a case of beer to stop by! Thanks for any and all help. Scott
  5. jettdrive

    Texas 250X rookie needs help!

    Well, I just opened the JD kit and your right. It looks easy. I did forget to mention that I have removed the backfire screen as well. So it looks like I will need to install #160 main jet and needle in the 5th position. I am currently using a twin air filter, but it is not the flame retardant filter. I will probably get one of those in the future. I think your right I won't remove the carb. However, the other thing I didn't mention is that I have a carb vent kit (from **********************) coming in as well. So I'm not sure if I will be able to get that installed with the carb in the bike. Thanks so much for the help. Scott
  6. First post! I have been reading TT for a while now & I have also been searching for jetting suggestions for a CRF250X modified like mine but I haven’t found anyone with a bike setup like mine. If I missed one I apologize. Many have done what I have but it seems like all go further. Doing things like cutting the pink wire and adding an R head pipe, most add an after market exhaust as well. I have been riding for a year, started on a YZ125 and bought the 250X in April. I’m 41, and ride a combo of trails @ Cross Creek Cycle Park as well as AMSA lease property. I also ride MX at CCCP’s night track, I’ve ridden at TSR & CP several times also. I live in Austin TX, so elev is ~ 700ft (I think) and it is HOT! Any way here goes. I have a 05 250X. I cut the airbox along the molded line, so I cut all of the top of the airbox off, as Honda recommended. I removed the baffle and that is it! I haven’t cut the pink wire as I don’t think I’ve ever hit the rev limiter. The JD jetting kit just arrived and I have a Slaven’s fuel screw on order. When the screw arrives I will be ready to re jett and RIDE! Currently the subframe is rotated up 90* and the airbox is out. I have NO CARB experience so I figured removing the carb would be the way to go. I also got some SS socket head cap screws to replace the fuel bowl screws, per Rick Ramsey’s recommendations. What jetting setup do you recommend??? How will I know if it is the optimal setting? Thanks so much for your help. Sorry for being long winded but I wanted to lay it all out there.