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  1. Brianms

    Quiet Pipe

    FMF Powerbomb and Q2
  2. I also have the Clark 3.9 with no clearance problems.
  3. Brianms

    The Master 3x3 Post

    Buy the JD Jet kit. You will not be sorry.
  4. Brianms

    JD kit and 3x3

    I went 3x3, JD Jetting, One tooth smaller in the front and FMF full exhaust. 6'2" @ 270 lbs. Sitting in the middle of the seat, the front end lifts easily with roll on throttle in first and slight tug in second.
  5. Brianms

    DRZ-SM scotts steering damper?

    Pictures above tell the story. I called Scotts direct and discussed the options on my '07 DRZ SM. They were extremely helpful and shipped it to me overnight for the 3 day shipping cost. Assembled that night, swapped to my dirt tires and went to the desert the next morning. Sand washes smoothed out and were much easier to maneuver. Money well spent.
  6. Brianms

    My grips are toast.

    Renthal Kevlar grips. I love em'
  7. Brianms

    FMF Powercore 4 & FMF Powerbomb

    JD Kit is the only way to go. Good instructions plus replacement screws
  8. Brianms

    K&N for DRZ 400SM

    Grease it up good and a small adjustment to the wire and off you go. I have K&N's on everything I own.
  9. Brianms

    sm to dirt or dirt to sm

    I went SM to dirt. Super simple with drop in EXCEL rims and Dunlops with brake disc already mounted. Whole setup cost me $1,200.
  10. Brianms

    Handlebar grips -

    Used compressed air on Renthal Kevlar grips. No glue needed. Worked like a charm.
  11. Brianms

    Is this a scam or what?

    We just got a Cycle Gear in my town not too long ago and I have purchased 3 different tires from them so far. Each mount I had a new tube installed and asked for the old one for the fender bag. Never a problem. I always mark my valve stem with a small white grease pen mark and the tube they hand over to me has that same small mark each time. Never hurts to keep an honest man honest. I have no problems with the guys at my store.
  12. Brianms

    K&N Oil Filter

    Invest in a Scotts SS reusable filter. Depending on your service intervals it will pay for itself soon enough. Easy to clean and superior filtration.
  13. Can't bump start either.
  14. Brianms

    which header pipe

    I have the PowerBomb and an FMFQ2 silencer. In the National Parks in California they are very strict on sound and spark arrestor. Especially sound. I am totally happy with my package.