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  1. bajabinder


    We picked a great spot to watch the race @RM530+/- at the end of the silt beds at an old rancho. We got there 20 minutes before the first bike came thru (7x I think). 12x and 262x (?) were stuck out in that mess so we hiked out there and pushed them to our rancho camp...got’m both fired back up with a tow strap and one of our motos, and they continued on 🌵🍻🌮
  2. bajabinder

    Large fuel tank question

    I’ve never known you to be short on gas, Mike. But, if you could find a way to put it in a big tank, then it would be a benefit to all.
  3. DUALSPORT= ride on backroads to get to dirt(avoid freeways!), arrive at dirt, ride dirt, and take backroads home.
  4. bajabinder

    Prescott, AZ couple shot dead in Bahia de Los Angeles

    Wow, that is super sad news.Shot 18 times...sounds personal, not random. Regardless, I hope they get some justice.
  5. bajabinder

    Johnson Valley Bessemer Mine Rd.

    Every couple hundred yards?...best to bring the cordless
  6. bajabinder

    Gold Rush 150 Dual Sport

    Cool, thanks. I always thought that flying j/ motel 6 was in Frazier Park...but they list it as Lebec. Weird. A general route description and mileage estimate would be good to know before plunking down $80, but that area has a lot to offer so I’m sure there’ll be some fun riding. Still, wish there was more info...
  7. bajabinder

    Crappy CA gas and 2T shelf life

    I think I saw it in West Marine. I’ve been using VALVETEC, but it’s get’n hard to find too...had to order from amazon last time, and it seems like it’s been re-formulated, which is just prior to cali-fornicated. First they force crap fuel onto us, and now it seems they’re taking away the “cures”.
  8. bajabinder

    Gold Rush 150 Dual Sport

    Gotta linky? I did a quick google, but only saw a blurry flyer with no other info.
  9. bajabinder

    New bike

    First off, Baja Bro (is that better?), I didn’t crucify, nor shit on him. Not Figuratively, nor literally. Instead of spoon feeding the lad, I sarcastically nudged him to think about where his question would be better answered. IMO, you’re reading too much into this because you think I wasn’t nice enough to help him, yet I did help him find the general forum for his question. Now, let’s say his question was “what’s the right bike for me to ride in BAJA?” Well then...do ya see where I’m going with this? I’m all for helping people out, but like most, I come to the BAJA forum for BAJA topics. I too miss the good ole days of the Baja forum, but I don’t care to have it resurrected with general chit-chat just to give it fresh content.
  10. Best of all worlds for me has been 49 rear with 13/14/15 front using stock chain. Couple those with different height tires for even more fun with drive ratios
  11. bajabinder

    New bike

    Crucify? Relax, Nancy, all I did was push him in the right direction, which he then went and asked in the appropriate forum. He had posted the question in other regional forums, yet not in the appropriate one. At 15, I assume he has more ‘puter skills than this olde phart, but lacks forthought. Do you think I should’ve held his hand, and made it easy peasy for him like our society seems to be doing with our youth today? Yup, I do remember being 15. I shingled our family home for $150. It took a big chunk outta my summer, but I was able to buy my first bike...a clapped out Yamaha MX100. That bike taught me a lot of hard, but lifelong lessons.
  12. bajabinder

    Backyard trails - where in California?

    Yup, it’s just west of 395 on 108. I love Bridgeport area for riding, camping, fishing, shooting, and exploring.
  13. bajabinder

    2019 Honda CRF450X

    I gotta admit, I’m just assuming the X is gonna be green sticker. Red would be a real bummer. One of my Baja riding bros is in the market for a WR450 ‘16/‘17/‘18, so LMK if you decide to sell.
  14. bajabinder

    2019 Honda CRF450X

    I’m assuming you’ll be re-joining the 450X brotherhood again. You know you want it...
  15. bajabinder

    New bike

    Sub-forum of General dirt bike forum ”what moyorcycle should I buy?”