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  1. california

    This sounds like the stator is failing. Fairly common on the older XR600 bikes...lots of info on this in the Honda XR600/650 forum.
  2. More info What type of riding? Dez/ Mtn/track...what flavor? IMO, If you're stay'n near the coast, then plan on driving a bit to go for a ride. Places to stay? What's your budget? Ritz, Motel 6, or camp'n in the sticks? If you make it as far south as San Diego, then consider north Baja as a possible ride too. Nice time of the year to be in SoCal.
  3. Postpone? Or, change destination to da Dez? The Dez is so much closer to you, and should be really good this weekend.
  4. Install a 7602 vent filter and you won't have all that crud mess'n up your great
  5. Instead of running the right wing petcock hose over or behind the valve cover, I prefer to run it in front of the head with a heat protective sleeve on it. Run it to a Tee just before the LEFT wing petcock, and the third leg of the Tee runs to a Tee between the stock petcock and carb. While you're cutting in those Tees add a simple screen type filter before the carb...use the stock clamp that the hose runs through to hold the filter.
  6. CT...there's a CRF DOCtor here who is THE man for what ails your X. As incredibly helpful as he is, he is apparently just as humble. Make an appointment with the DOC
  7. Wow...just, wow... things I've learned from this thread: (1) JV is both boring, and exciting. There's nothing much to ride, and a lot to explore. (2) The local riders there live in DirtBike heaven, and DirtBike hell (3) The OP seems to have good experience and understands the rules, but apparently someone feels a need to drill it into his head over, and over... (4) St. Patty's day is really St. Party's day (5) There's a Bolt in the sand out there, who supplies Moto parts, and great local info (6) I can get cold beer and steaks at a nearby cool market, and/or ride my Moto to a cool bar and have them serve me cold beer and chili cheese fries. (7) Somebody is seriously b.u.t.t. Hurt... That's all I need to know... I wanna go to JV
  8. Most of Hollister is closed, and this week's forecasted rains will surely keep it that way. I rode there Sunday, and only the upper mountain was open. The dirt was epic, but very few trails are open...not worth the long drive from LA.
  9. Trail?...what?....we don't need no stinkin trail
  10. Use a one gallon antifreeze jug strapped to your back, and add it to the tank as soon as you've burned up a gallon from the tank. After lugging that gallon around on a few rides you'll be finding the money for a bigger tank PDQ!
  11. Hey I saw you had an Acerbis 4.1 gallon tank on your 450X. I just purchased one of these tanks and could use some help with hose routing. Can you give me a description or more clear pics on how you routed yours, especially the right side? Did you have any fuel feed issues with how you routed it? 

    1. bajabinder


      I routed the right side directly to the left side ( going in front of the engine), using a T fitting near the left petcock. This T fitting is ran to another T I installed in the original fuel line (between the stock petcock and the engine mounted bracket that holds the fuel line prior to the carb). I've had no fuel delivery issues running it this way. Oh, I used a heat protective sleeve for the right fuel line that runs in front of the engine.

    2. mikesbaron


      Where did you get your T's? 

    3. bajabinder


      I don't remember. Most likely, the auto parts store. 

      I also put a small in-line fuel screen/filter prior to the carb...the metal engine bracket holds it in place nicely.

  12. LoLo is getting unusually high mileage out of those MOTOZ. I've run a few sets of HT's on my xr650r, and get about 2500-3k...which is amazing for the BRP tire eater. I am not easy on the throttle or brakes, and I'm usually dual sporting with a big tank and a Giant Loop Coyote bag stuffed with gear. Heavy front braking will scallop any front knobby on the pavement, and the HT isn't immune, so I usually replace front and rear at the same time. Next time I'll be trying out the MK2 ADV MOTOZ front with the HT rear for DS rides with the 650r. On my crf450x, I just slapped on a rear HT, and I'm ordering a IT for the front...just like LoLo is using. I'm replacing an IT rear, and a Goldentyre Dez front on the 450x. I got about 1k outta the IT rear, and 2k outta the GT front riding 60/40. The IT rear had a little left in her, but the GT Dez was bald in spots...I love the GT Dez off road, but I won't use it as a DS anymore. The IT rear is ok, but I won't use that for DS anymore either. The rear HT is a winner, and the front is good, but they howl pretty loud whenever the bike is going straight...even on offroad hard pack.
  14. Great...I have an IT for the rear of my crf450x that I'm itch'n to try. I'm planning on pairing that with a front Goldentyre Fatty Dez/4ply. I hope that rear IT goes the distance for ya!
  15. I've been running the MOTOZ ht's on my plated xr650r with good results. We did a 2k mile Baja ride in December (mostly dirt), and have put a few hundred road miles on them since returning home. The rear still has close to 50% remaining, and the front is @65% but it's getting cupped from hard braking. We ran into some other "old Baja dogs" down there who we're running the same tires. They told me they've been getting 3k miles from the rear HT's. The xr650r usually chews up rear tires, so I'm really impressed with the longevity. The street manners are good too, and I'm able to carve turns with confidence. Once I run this set down I'll be spooning on my 3rd set of new MOTOZ HT's. I've also been running the MOTOZ ST on the front of my crf450x/plated, and can't seem to wear it out...mostly dirt miles though. The ST's sidewalls are a bit soft on rocky trails, but it hasn't chunked one bit and no pinch flatting...I'm using tubliss