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  1. Grolsch Man

    UT + CO: What do you do for a living?

    Hardwood stocker for a large hardwood floor company here in Denver. I've stocked some really cool places with tile and hardwood floor,the most impressive place so far being Mike Shanahan's new Mansion in Cherry Hill's. Hard work for low pay is the name of the game.
  2. Grolsch Man

    Cleaning Hands

    I have always used Gojo orange with pumice.Gojo is a great hand cleaner and should have no problem getting the gasoline smell off of your hands.
  3. Grolsch Man

    My new truck!!!! (pics)

    Sick truck man!!I feel you on the 5hrs of waiting:bonk: ,buying a new vehicle can be one of the most frustrating experiences known to man.Enjoy the new truck:thumbsup:
  4. As far as I can remember I have always used my middle(flip off)finger for my braking.Well I have made a decision to take my riding more seriously with exercising and practicing proper technique so that I can take my riding to the next level. I have been looking at a lot of photo's of pros and I have noticed that the majority of them use their pointer finger for the front brake.Is this a change that I should strive to make?I'am just wondering if there are any advantages in using your pointer instead of the middlefinger.What finger do you brake with? Thank you for your input. Grolsch Man
  5. Grolsch Man


    Please do yourself a favor and get a pair of knee guards,they are well worth it.Just because your not riding on a track doesn't mean you don't need them.You could be putting around and lose the front end and pile drive your knee right in to the ground or a rock.You don't have to be riding a track or even fast to jack up a knee.So I highly recommend some form of knee protection,it will give you more peace of mind and more confidence on the bike. As far as gear choices,I'am fan of Thor and really like their gear more than Fox.
  6. Grolsch Man

    Thunder Valley=mucho sand

    Thunder Valley is #!#@$# awesome.I have ridden there two weekends in a row and the track is great.They have laid down a ton of sand and it is a blast but I really need more practice in it.The track kicks my ass physically but I love how ruff it gets,the ruts,braking bumps,sand woops.This track is real motocross,not some Watkins bullshit riding on concrete with some tabletops thrown in. They have been discing once in the morning and then once at 12:00 and watering all through out the day and that has equaled motocross paradise. Awesome job Thunder Valley.Please keep up the good work:thumbsup:
  7. Grolsch Man

    Anyone Ride Watkins Today (Saturday)?

    If Watkins doesn't change their ways they will go out of business.Who wants to go ride concrete dirt that gets some water thrown on it a couple of times?I heard the track was epic for the Rmxa race but was this a one hit wonder?I know it cost money to water and disc the track but come on.They should want people to be excited to ride the track and if people have a good time they will come back and they will let all their friends know how good the track was and more people will come out to ride.If the track sucks every weekend the word will spread like wildfire that the track is a shithole and people won't waste their time and they will lose a large amount of business. I can understand not prepping during the week but come the weekend people expect better than concrete blue groove with dust cloud conditions.
  8. Grolsch Man

    RG3 Diamond Kit worth $2k?

    How do you know how fast I ride?Do you assume that because I said that I don't ride at a Intermidiate or Pro pace that I'm slow.That's a pretty broad generalization.I didn't just recently start riding.I agree with you that it's not worth it for a beginning rider but I'm not a beginner.Oh well I will continue to enjoy my Diamond kit and continue my pursuit of catching more big bass like this one.
  9. Grolsch Man

    RG3 Diamond Kit worth $2k?

    Uh oh you got me,caught me red handed, I'm a poser, haha thats funny.Let me tell you something,that diamond kit didn't fall out of the sky,it didn't appear out of thin air,it wasn't given to me.I worked hard and saved my money for it because I wanted to try it.I ride dirt bikes and race mx for fun and could give a flying @#$! if the people at the track think my riding skill isn't good enough to justify having a diamond kit,I'm not the fastest rider out there but I'm sure as hell not the slowest either and my bike gets ridden it's not a garage queen that never sees the track. I have fun riding and progressing at it and the Diamond kit has helped my riding and that is all that matters to me. Where does it say that you have to be extremely fast in order to buy nice things for my bike that I worked for?I guess I shouldn't buy a pair of Air Jordans because I can't play b-ball as good as Jordan or a nice set of irons because I can't play golf as good as Tiger Woods or a nice Daiwa baitcast reel and G-loomis rod because I'm not as good of a bass fisherman as Kevin Van Dam,I could go on and on using your stupid logic.I don't need to ask permission from people like yourself if it's OK that I spend my own hard earned cash on my bike.
  10. Grolsch Man

    RG3 Diamond Kit worth $2k?

    I have the Diamond kit and I love it!I definitley think it was worth the $2,200. The reason I say that is because it has given me more confidence and helped improve my riding plus it looks badass.I feel more in control on the bike and that is very important.Is it really needed? no,especially at my level of skill since I don't ride at a Pro or Intermidiate level but it's so fun to have suspension like this.
  11. Grolsch Man

    Watkins under new ownership?

    I called the Watkins hotline at 11:35 am today to see if they were watering the track in the afternoon and on the message it said that the Albert family was taking over the track and that "Gene and I will no longer have a affiliation with the track".The lady also said she wasn't sure what the plans were for the afternoon and if they were going to water or not. Does anybody have some insight to what the situation is?I wonder if the new owners will take a little better care of the track with grooming and take some more pride in the track.
  12. Grolsch Man

    MotoGP at Indy in 2008

    That is great news! MotoGp is %@#$ badass.
  13. Grolsch Man

    renthal sprockets

    I have been running Renthal sprockets front and rear with a D.I.D 520ERT2 gold chain and have not ran in to any problems what so ever.The D.I.D chain works great with my crf250r,chain stretch has been minimal.
  14. Grolsch Man

    Watkins CO MX

    Nice video.You got Watkins dialed in:thumbsup: .I hate to say it but Watkins is a shithole IMO.It could be so much better but o well it's a place to ride and practice at.
  15. Grolsch Man

    What oil does every one use

    Mobil 1 Gold cap 15-50