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  1. bosshogg

    '05 yz250 brake pad change...help needed

    I've changed mine before without any problems, and I'm pretty clueless in the garage. Maybe you got the wrong pads for your bike. Personally, I'd always go with OEM on brake equipment. From what people tell me, the best way to screw up brakes on your car is to mate OEM and non-EOM parts. The tolerances are never the same. So, I figure the same goes for bikes too.
  2. Very cool pics man, thanks for sharing!
  3. bosshogg

    Splash Cafe - Pismo

    True dat. An ABC Burger and a basket of fries, that place rocks. I went to Poly 12 years ago and that was my favorite place for a burger or tri tip sammy. Still enjoy going back whenever I can.
  4. bosshogg

    This is how we do it (pizza)

    Where's that from bud? I'm hoping somewhere in NCAL?
  5. bosshogg

    Bad story, good ending

    Glad to hear your buddy is OK. I worry about that kind of stuff all the time when we are going on a remote ride. One question for the group... in this type of situation, I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to remove the injured person's helmet as there is a likelihood that you will increase a neck injury or exacerbate a brain injury. But I'm not a doctor and don't really know. Thoughts?
  6. bosshogg

    450/250 compatibility

    This is a great question as many people have commented how much better the 06 forks are compared to the 05. I own an 05 so have thought about this several times... never posted the question and never investigated further, but I would be very interested to know. I don't know s*** about these kinds of things but... One thing you could do is look at the specs (rake, trail, fork diameter, etc.) between the two bikes. If they are the same, then I would think it's not an issue. Or maybe just try it and see how it works. A lot of the knowledge provided on this site comes from people who just go try something new and then report back. I'm sure there are a few guys on here who have both an 05 and an 06. Maybe one of them will try it for you. Alternatively, try calling up some of the major aftermarket suspension companies (racetech, enzo, etc) and see what they say. See if you can speak with a Technician, not the girl/guy answering the phones.
  7. bosshogg

    Where are they now ?

    Damon Bradshaw was my favorite rider in the late 80's and early 90's. I read an article about him a few months back and he lives in Idaho and owns his own business doing chemicals delivery or aircraft maintenance or something like that. You know you can seach the internet for stuff like this? There are probably 100 links if you want to find out what Damon, or any of the other high profile guys, are now up to. Seems like many of them still race or are around motorsports in one fashion or another. Damon even has a myspace page.
  8. bosshogg

    06 Yz450

    I rode a friend's for a few laps on the MX track....wow what a beast
  9. bosshogg

    is this considered a whip?

    Is that a new track at Hollister? Sorry, it just doesn't look familiar to me, but I haven't been there in a year. Yeah, I'd call it a scrub... but more like a cross-up. Keep working on it.
  10. bosshogg

    Stonyford - Easy Trails?

    I'm not the best one to provide details as I've only been to SF once, so I'll let others respond to those questions. But regarding easy trails, you should not have problems if you stick to the main fire roads and wider trails. Just don't head off on any single track and don't attempt anything that is flagged as an advanced trail. You should be fine. Advanced at SF really means not for beginners.. But definitely find yourself a trail map. The place it HUGE. When I went, I went regulars or I would have been crazy lost.
  11. bosshogg

    2 Stroke Questions.....HELP

    Never thought about it. I will need to research and get back to you. Seriously, there are 500 threads on TT that cover these questions. Just do a little poking around and searching. You will find everything you ever wanted and more.
  12. Lighten up buddy. You're entitled to your opinion. I'm fine with that. I just thought the video was lame. If you had shown a video of an old Chevy Impala getting smashed up, I would have said the same thing. It's lame, ignorant entertainment. Check the average IQ of your fellow fans at the next crash-up-derby you attend. Launching a bike off a hillside doesn't equate to getting the last bit of value out of a piece of property. I'm sure there were usable parts still on that bike that were being destroyed or neglected. That isn't entertainment to me. Maybe to some, but not to me. I'm assuming you are < 25 yo? For the record, I'm not telling anyone what to do with their property. If you own it, it's yours. But being wasteful and destroying stuff is just silly. Wasteful is wasteful whether you own it yourself or not.
  13. That was LAME. I hate seeing people destroy stuff for no good reason.
  14. bosshogg

    Good times with Carey Hart question

    OK, that works for me. I wasn't trying to discount it, just wanted to understand the history better.
  15. bosshogg

    Oil shelf life?

    Here is how I think about it.... Unfortunately, I cannot speak in an educated manner about the modern refinement processes of motor oil and how that would effect shelf life of unopened motor oil containers. However, unrefined oil by its nature has been created through millions of years of natural geophysical processes. In summary, I would not worry about it. If you have an opened container, that is a different issue since there will be some moisture in the air that enters the can when you open it. Condensation will then cause some water droplets to form on top of the oil and on the insides of the container. I usually only keep opened containers for 3-6 months. Same with premix.