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  1. oldspice

    looking for trails in orange city

    I, too, live in Orange City, and I skip out to Ocala NF. It takes me 15-20 minutes depending on red lights, and it's a super easy ride.
  2. oldspice

    Ocala, when is most hunting over?

    Hunting seasons go all the way through April! It's crazy! A bunch of guys from ADVRider and I went riding only a few weeks ago and it was amazing how many dirty looks and ugly men we saw out and about. Pictures: http://good-times.webshots.com/album/556692385AHoBUR?vhost=good-times Anyway, don't let those hunters fool you. I go bowhunting in the same spots that I ride my DRZ, in the SE corner by 42 and the river. The only shot I got a turkey in fact was right after two 4 wheelers went by. Those animals know what's up, and they are not chased away by dirtbikes. In fact, a lot of times if you're hiking, stop and look behind you. You'd be amazed how many animals cross the trails you've just traversed...they're just waiting for you to go by! Here's the summary that I have: General Gun through Jan. 7 (big guns, deer, etc.) Fox Bobcat Raccoon (Nov. 11 - April 15) Small Game (Jan. 8 - March 4) I'll be out with my .22 for this one Trapping (through March 1) Spring Turkey (March 22-25, March 29-April 1)(April 5-8, 12-15)
  3. oldspice

    Daytona Beach Dual Sport In Dec

    Let me know what your final plans are. I live in Orange City and have a DRZ400S. There are some sweet trails in Ocala and even Tiger Bay, where street-legals are allowed, but be careful when it comes to hunting seasons!
  4. oldspice

    Any Paintballers here?

    Some friends and I are getting together the 16th of December in Deland, Florida, to have some fun. We are only for fun, no beer at the property of the guy who's letting us play there (he's also a friend of mine from church, so definitely no beer there.) Then, that night, two of us, maybe more, might go camping over at Blue Springs State Park for the Sat. night. Anyway, if you have gear and want some fun, send me a PM or an email. No hooligans. We're just out to have some fun. I have a 98 Custom and another WalMart marker for my wife. Most of the other guys have Tippmanns, too.
  5. oldspice

    newby looking for riding partners

    I have never seen an ONF ranger. Well, take that back, saw one once when I followed a friend onto the ranger's personal property by accident, he told us the right way to go so we turned around and left It's just three of us that ride. I'll try and remember to email you next time we go out. It's always a lot of fun. We are usually east of 19 on the many trails there, and we haven't ventured out to Big Scrub yet. We try and avoid sand, sometimes just poke along (riding for fun), and we're just out to have a good time...until the trail allows some quickness. Honestly, I've never known anyone that was harrassed for having nonDOT tires. Everyone I know on street bikes has race-only exhaust mods, and they've never been bothered either. Surely that'll change one day though for both dirt and street.
  6. oldspice

    newby looking for riding partners

    I ride with two other guys at minimum once a week in Ocala NF. Is your bike street legal? We like the sights so we're always willing to keep a pleasant pace. If one of us gets ahead, we always stop at cross trails and wait. Post up if it's street legal or not and when you're available for rides, ours are usually early morning, 7AM-8AM meet up, till noon or so.
  7. oldspice

    Directions to Crooms?

    I think this will help: head up 75. When you get to Brookesville, Dade City exits or areas, I think you'll come up to 50, too. Get off there. Crooms is along 75 on the west side of the interstate, and the entrance/exit road parallels the interestate for about a 1/2 mile or so. The road hits 50 (I believe it's 50) at the same place where the hotel entrance is, but the Crooms part of the road branches off to the right while the hotel part goes ahead. First time I went there I drove up and down for ten minutes looking or the place till we followed someone else in. Safe bet? Get off at 50 and 75, take a right and go to the gas station. Ask someone with a dirtbike where it is.
  8. Anyone been to Ocala lately? I was out last weekend with the wife and bow, but I saw only two four wheelers. Wife and I had gotten into some ants, so we're standing by the powerlines with our shoes off, wiping our feet off, when this kid and a grandfather ride up to us on 4wheelers and ask why we're in camo. Too funny. Any bad stories so far? Any run-ins with angry hunters? It was a little frustrating at one point when the kid was running back and forth through the same puddle over and over again and the grandfather was asking, "So, did you see anything?" I replied, "Not anymore." We just stared at each other. The kid asked me to shoot something with the bow. I asked him to pull a wheelie, at which point he took off. Too funny now that I think about it.
  9. Bike fires up very well, once fired it keeps starting. The starter turns and turns and does not stop. It's acting almost as if the starter button is basically jammed in, but it's not. Took apart the switch assembly, pulled apart the spring behind the starter button and it appears to not do it anymore. Has anyone else had this problem? Just noticed it today for the first time! Crazy!
  10. oldspice

    MX bike rental. Possible?

    A friend in Central Florida recently sent me an email asking if there was somewhere you could rent a dirtbike for a bit just to have fun. I do not think this is possible, but does anyone know if it is? Thanks
  11. My 400 kept dying on hard landings, whoops, angles, etc. Anytime I got to really nailing some whoops hard or trying to land after hitting a jump, no matter how small, the bike would die. Finally, I took at look at all the wires I had worked on, and sure enough, it was where I had removed the sidestand kill switch that the problem was found. If you remove any switches: the one at the clutch where you have to pull it in to start the bike, the sidestand one where if you put the bike in gear while the stand is down it stops, no matter what you do, make sure you do your wiring better than you think you have to. I thought mine was fine, had done it on lots of dirtbikes before, but oh well, this time I didn't do it right the first time so I had to fix it later in the woods. There's my tip
  12. oldspice

    What do you think? Scam? Legit?

    He is hispanic1981, a member here. I looked him up in the member's section by going to Florida. His profile says he is in New York.
  13. This is probably the sixth or so email I've been getting about my for sale DRZ400. What do you think? Thanks, Josh "okay that price is ok for me,i will be making the oayemnet thru a casheir check and as soon as u get the payment,my shipper will be coming for the pciking up, so get back to me with your contact address and i will mail the check to you, eric"
  14. oldspice

    ONF from south to north all off road???

    Forgot to look, but all total I ended up with like 230 miles or so. Once we hit the woods I started my timer. When I got home it had something like 3.5 hours on it. That was a fun ride, and I do need to get rid of those tires. *they're not really that bad!*
  15. oldspice

    ONF from south to north all off road???

    My Webshots Photo Album Honestly, I kinda forgot to try and get any action shots. Perhaps it was because you guys were riding so quickly! Great ride; thanks for the invite. Glad to hear you two made it back safely.