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  1. Thanks man! Like Sandy450 said, sometimes things just fall into place. All the timing was right for once in my life. She needs a good cleaning, valve clearance inspection, general service. I think I will be keeping this one for awhile, I can't replace it for what I paid. As bad as I wanted a smoker, I'm not complaining. Never owned a 450. Should be a fun season.
  2. Kinda crappy, my Iphone camera is TERRIBLE. It's all stickered out. Going to clean it up tonight.
  3. Bought the 09 YZ450F guys! Pics to come!
  4. Sold the KTM tonight for $1800, took a hit, oh well. On the look out guys! Found a barley used 09 YZ450F for $2500. I mean BARELY as in, less then 10 hours. The frame and engine covers look brand new, original tires, look brand new. It's a family members, and he needs cash by 10 am tomorrow. Might pull the trigger.
  5. All I see on here is 07+ SXF's, so this thread may not last long, I would like to see some 05-06 SXF's! I know there probably isn't a lot out there, lets see! Feel free to add a mod list, or future mods, in action, on the stand, apart, whatever you have.
  6. LOL! Thanks 223, I just mentioned these things in an e-mail and asked for cash with the trade, I doubt it will happen. Oh well, ill just keep the SXF and push on. Everyone wants to make out on a trade, so I can understand his thought process.
  7. I'm probably going to look at it tomorrow. I got some more pictures, asked for some pictures of the engine covers. It's not looking good. There hasn't been one picture of the bike actually clean. If someone cant take the time to clean there bike, how much time have they taken to do any maintenance? You literally have to clean the air filter, and that is a huge roll in preventative maintenance.
  8. Thanks 223, you bring up some valid points. I'm still puttering around on the SXF as we speak, so I still have a lot of pride in something I am advertising to sell/trade. Would like to find an owner with the same enthusiasm for there bike. I may end up keeping the old girl, all this snow is making me crazy.
  9. Thanks guys, I'm definitely going to check it out. The owner believes its going to be to cold for the bike to run properly and will run to lean and cause engine damage. I wont be trading if I cant hear it run! I've started many 2 strokes jetted for summer weather in the cold heart of winter and although they do run lean, they aren't high idle over-rev lean. We will see, thanks for the input. P.s., I can tell my bike is in a lot better condition. However, no one is offering a reasonable cash price for my bike. The best cash offer I have received is $1600. Just serviced the engine on my 250F, valves are within spec with plenty of room to go before re-shim, compression is excellent, starts excellent, not a time bomb 250F. Not getting it.
  10. Yes, this is a straight swap.
  11. Hey guys, I started a thread over @ the Honda 2-stroke forum. If you guys have any insight, please reply HERE. I just want to get an idea of everyone's thoughts on both sides of the fence. Thanks! LINK!! (with pictures) http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1064955-ktm-for-cr/
  12. Thanks Monk! Some more pictures of the KTM. Anyone else?
  13. Because he said he suggested "keeping" the KTM, I think he understands that, and is just stating the fact that parts for the CR are cheaper. Yes, if there is any confusion I own the KTM. I really wanted to get back on a smoker, but I do not want to take a hit either. I do have it advertised for trade for 125 or 250 2 stroke, and this seems to be the best bike offered for trade. Problem is it is a 4 year older bike, and it has definitely been ridden since then. I will mainly be riding track, with some trail riding in between. Any other input is appreciated! Thanks
  14. 2006 KTM 250SX-F. low hours on rebuilt engine, tires, chain/sprockets, bearings, all in the upper 70% of life left. 2002 CR250 Comes with knew rear tire, no service records, you get what you see. I own the KTM, but want a smoker. Anyone think is a fair trade? I have been out of the used bikes market for a little while, would appreciate a second opinion. Please note, I am mechanically inclined. Actually, I am an equipment service technician, kind of makes me look at everything that will break instead of appreciating any machine.