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  1. thechubbyone

    Yoshimura and Stock Hydrid........

    alternatively, if you can find a [metal] fabricator to fabricate a link pipe for the Yosh & the stocker muffler... the easiest way i see is to apply lots of elbow grease, switch the whole system after the Tech inspection, i'd that on my Blade, and if four header outlets doesn't bother me, one shouldn't be too hard to your knuckles' wear latex gloves to protect your precious knuckles... P.S: I curse a lot thou when i does that !
  2. thechubbyone

    Removing chain lube from the rear tire?

    i spray my chain lude right under the swing arm near the stand and aim it away from the rear wheel, but of coz, i jack the bike up with stand
  3. thechubbyone

    Need few cranks to start my SM

    Nope! 10guy, i'll bring her down to my friendly mechenic and Neil, Thanx for that wonder torque spec, will print it out juz in case the friendly mech doesn't have one in hand
  4. thechubbyone

    Need few cranks to start my SM

    same gas that i have been running since day 1, yup, air-filter is a 'lil dusty and haven't been checking the plug coz i was thinking, its juz 5000 miles [from new], guess its time for the filter & plug...
  5. thechubbyone

    Need few cranks to start my SM

    Got my SM new for 7 months now and love it every ride... it always comes alive on the first push of the button [cold start] in the morning [even after a cold night in the rain sometimes] but of late, I am experiencing slight difficulty and have to crank my starter button a few times and blip the throttle slightly during cold start, the weather is not a issue as i live in a tropical island. My SM is in the 5000 plus pure tarmac miles and haven't been doing any [major] servicing other then the regular oil & filter change, am i missing a [valves] servicing here ?! I'm missing my "one push start"...
  6. thechubbyone

    Down in the dirt or asphalt???

    the science of crash is, to me, is... I skinned my forearm from the lower elbow all the way up the palm and a broken ankle... I say the ASPHALT ! its hot, it hurts ! *Ouch* but hey... I have friend who broke a rib and arm losting it on the dirt...
  7. thechubbyone

    over fill oil?

    i did the same as Harry, 100ml small container (from kid's drink) and used it as a measuring guide, no problemo ! dip-stick has never been put to "good use"
  8. thechubbyone

    How Do I Build A SuperMotard?

    Oh U make me squirm in my seat, the money i make only allow one bike and i settled for a DRzSM... it makes [some] sportbikers squirm in tight turns...
  9. thechubbyone

    If the the DRZ were a 450 or 510 ...

    my bone-stock DRz was left whinning when a Husky 510 blast past me... but i still love my DRz thou i would like to have a Husky too, my DRz is my workhorse, fun-moto, transport and a tourer all in one, 'cept of coz the touring part is a butt-sore experience... will do 160miles/ day and not 200miles for my next ride
  10. thechubbyone

    Dutch DRZ going to Dakar!

    i love that low Yosh' it speaks volume... GO DRz GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. thechubbyone

    Ohlin suspension from E to fit in SM ?!

    "the Ohlins offroad DRZ shock will raise the rear a bit"... Ohh, thats a good piece of information to me as i always felt that i can do with an extra inch [no more than that thou !] as i'm on the chubby side of life i shall go ahead with my purchase, hope its still up for sale... Thanx for ALL the feedbacks guys'
  12. thechubbyone

    Checking DRZ is a real pita !

    as long as i get about the same amount of oil dripping outta the drain-plugs when i change my oil (2000 miles +/-) it don't bother me, but i do have inconsistent dip-stick level shown 1800ml for the DRz(with oil filter change) to go...
  13. thechubbyone

    Ohlin suspension from E to fit in SM ?!

    Thanx Denroll for your reply, i don't have the part number of that Ohlins for the E model but i guess it primarily the same machine ['cept the engine bits], i shall find out more before i close the deal, and Ma55ive, i shall consider the possibility of a misfit
  14. Need advise here, does a Ohlin rear suspension made for the E model slip into the linkages/ joints of a SM with ease ?! Any expert does that ? i found myself a good deal but some confirmation need before i made my purchase of a used one
  15. thechubbyone

    SM: Condensation/Water in instruments

    so i am not alone... my looks like its mouldy inside...