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    Jetting klx 400r(drz 400e)

    Thanks Burned , I'll give it a try!!
  2. Hi, i own a 2003 klx 400r, yoshimura cams, cdi box,dynojet kit, hindle full exaust system,ported head, k/n air filter,acv removed, 3x3 hole, SM 17" wheel set...... Since i 've installed the kit, i can't get the bike to run good,coasting at 0-1/4 throttle it runs rough, (i ride basicaly sea level to 300'), i've followed the instructions provided; 140 main, 1 turn out on the air screw,dj needle 5th from top. after trying, and playing with the settings,( air screw from 1/2 to 1-1/2) and needle to 4th) even at 4th and 3/4 turns it seems to run rich, would it be pilot jet ??? i still have the stock pilot jet. Anybody has a good setup fo this? Thanks