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  1. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone rides the kx250f in or around riverside ( starwest , perris, glen helen etc ) I have a TON of extra parts for an 06 kx250f and then I have parts for an 07 too. There are 04-05 parts mixed in there Randomly but most are newer. Parts include but aren't limited to: -braking systems -full clutch -06 cases - full electrical system - plastic - gear cogs - triple clamps for 06 ( magnesium ) - full linkage for 07 etc etc Call 812-756-8383 , I just moved here from indiana and I'm trying to help you guys out and make some friends at the same time. Braaap
  2. Suzuki199

    Cr 125 won't move in first gear

    Its a new 07 cr125 tho, theres only like 30 hours on it you really think it would have worn out that fast?
  3. This is an 07 bike and really hasn't been ridden all that much. It's not even due for it's first piston change yet. What do you guys think I should do? I don't know how to troubleshoot this, It's never happened to me before. It starts good, sounds good, but when shifted into first gear it just won't move. Ideas?
  4. Suzuki199

    Rare pictures... Me in RUTS!

    duude niiiice gear I love how it goes together, and awesome track pics and your form is awesome too
  5. a men brotha, sorry i felt like it...
  6. Well howdy dudy, I think hes just a moderator prick that likes to abuse power. Whos promoting 2 strokes? do you even know what promoting means? Alot of 4 stroke riders I know are really cool and fun to be around but the majority of the people i've spoken with on this 4 stroke forum are douchebags. I think when people get four strokes and it goes straight to theyre heads that theyre better than everyone else and there opinion goes above all. whats with that? just because you have a bike faster than a 2 stroke doesnt mean your awesome or give you the right to be a nazi
  7. Suzuki199

    Id Kit Number Needed

    you four strokers are really douchebags whats your problem? im already on pingertalk and its not a fraction as big as this place thats why i put it on here cause i figure you guys wouldnt be gay about it but i was obviosly mistakin, you think i need to grow up but u got it backwards, thanks for nothin
  8. Suzuki199

    Id Kit Number Needed

    ? I said if anyones got an id kit for your jersey and didnt use the four could they show it to me and help me figure out how to get it from them or where i could get one, if you didnt ride a thumper you'd understand , i didnt come here to get ragged on by four strokers i came here to get a ******* 4 from somebody, if you dont have one just go read the other 500 posts gd, most of you little kids with your crfs and rmz's are stuck up little tight asses that need to stfu
  9. Suzuki199

    drinkin and ridin.

    what a queer, i hate people that act like that, drinking + anything else = problems retards!! But i believ the boogers thing lol i did a double at my track once and hit neutral shiftin down cause i was to high and i went off the face and came down hard on the front and snot came straight out lol, i thought it was my brain. I saved it somehow just smashed my neck on the handlebars with a neckdonut and everything, it pretty much blew
  10. Suzuki199

    Id Kit Number Needed

    look at your quote and wonder why people think you go BOTH ways
  11. Suzuki199

    anyone crash lately?

    i did what gene did a couple weeks ago, was a gear up and didnt notice, went braaaaaaaaaaaaaabaawwwwwwwwbraaaa and i barely got my front wheel over the landing and the back kicked up, it was one of those slow rolls on the front tire and then gettin plowed into the ground, i have it on video at least good thing i landed on my head......right
  12. Suzuki199

    Id Kit Number Needed

    ................................................................................................................................................................ dont post unless u have it
  13. Hey, i just got the fox id kit and everything is pretty cool except the one number i needed which was the four, its really small and it looks stupid. I will be willing to trade alot more than necessary to get a 4 from somebody who has a kit and has extra numbers. PLEASE HELP I NEED THIS 4. Just put a pic up of what its like and send it and then ill send whatever ill give you out of my kit and some money for your shipping costs, thanks alot guys
  14. Suzuki199

    Girl's Night Out

    lmao thats the funniest joke ive heard in forever
  15. Suzuki199

    Okay, so I can change tires, but...

    haha, dont worry about not being able to get your bike up by yourself, its cool enough that your a girl and you ride I know alot of guys that cant even get there own bike in their trucks ( but damn the bikes are heavy so i cant make fun of anyone for it )