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  1. Vertemati Rider

    VERTEMATI's.....Any imput????

    I have a 501 Enduro that I just bought. I LOVE it. Super light, super fast, handles great. You better hold on when you grab throttle. Bummer about getting tech support though. I am frantically searching for ANYTHING. I need to know how to do periodic maintainence, etc......
  2. Vertemati Rider

    Vertemati dead or alive?

    Hi. New to this. I have recently bought a Vertemati 2003 E501 Enduro and LOVE it. It is new, (1 KM,when I bought it,) and now after all this I am reading on teh net, I am afraid to break anything. I don't need any parts as of yet but need to do the clutch cover mod, etc, due to the oil blowoff problem, and desparatly need the shop manual to do the periodic maintainence, like adjusting the valves. I hear there is a CD out there that has some tech info. ANybody got that? I will pay for it, plus shipping..... I really love riding this bike and would even do what I could to help the company get going, like find investors, etc. Right now though, I just need to find a reliable parts supplier, and any info regarding what parts need to be stocked, like consumables, etc. HELP!!!