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  1. mklang

    Progressive Insurance Came Through

    who did you have? it seems like there are huge disparities in quality of coverage across different regions, even with the same company.
  2. mklang

    Progressive Insurance Came Through

    sounds like i'll go elsewhere for auto insurance though
  3. mklang

    Progressive Insurance Came Through

    hey fellas - i did have to show reciepts. everything that i had on it got covered EXCEPT my dynojet kit because that is the one thing i didn't have a receipt for. they originally told me that the aftermarket parts were not going to be covered because they were items "already found on the bike and as such did not add to the value of the motorcycle." the items in question were a full yosh kit, sunstar sprockets, dunlops, and a gel seat. my policy simply stated that they would cover up to $1000 in aftermarket...plain as day. so once i sent the adjuster that page of my contract i didn't have any more problems. rainman - i do owe you one. your advice definately helped me through this process and get me a fair settlement. thank you! as far as a new bike goes...i'm not sure. when i bought it i had just gotten out of college and was moving to wyoming for more school so the bills weren't too bad and you kind of have to own a bike if you live in wyoming. but now that i am moving back to boston and just applied for an apartment lease and have to get a car....i just can't afford to get another bike quite yet. i'm going to put $$ aside when i can. suzuki should give TT money. after being part of this forum i am not even considering straying away from the Z.
  4. I finally got some numbers from Progressive after my Z was stolen. They gave me a very reasonable retail value of the bike and covered all of my aftermarket stuff, so i will actually get some money back after they pay off my leinholder. Not sure how others' experiences have been with Progressive, but I will certainly use them when I finally get a new bike.
  5. mklang

    Bike's gone...signing off for a while

    thanks so much guys. it has been a learning experience if anything. hopefully i will be back soon. i will let you all know what happens with my insurance.
  6. well fellas, its been fun. my bike was stolen and the case closed today (not like the cops were ever looking for it anyway). it looks like i'm just going to break even on what i owe with my insurance settlement, and i'm not at a place in my life right now where i can get another one. this forum has been awesome and i'll be sure to come back when i finally do get a new bike. i'm still building that aluminum tank so i will be posting threads to track the progress of the build.
  7. I won't have a price until it is completed. What I will probably end up doing is posting pics of the build and the finished product, and then take offers.
  8. ositech and airboy - great stuff! thanks for the pics. ositech, thanks for the offer to send it to me but i have to start building it this weekend and i don't thing it would get here in time. its cool though, i should be able to go in the right direction modeling off of a stock tank. airboy, i really like how low profile that one is. that is the direction i planned on going with mine. i may go a little higher in the front. i'm not sure how much i am going to charge. it will depend on how many people are interested and how well it comes out.
  9. Thanks for the interest guys. I am starting the build this weekend and will be updating the thread with pictures as the different steps are completed. I will need to know the cap style and paint color in about 2 weeks, so if anyone is seriously contemplating buying this when its done let me know what you would like done. By giving me suggestions, by NO MEANS am i obligating you to buy it from me. I just need a direction.
  10. its a custom built, one-off chassis. and the front suspension is in place, with preset camber and caster angles. the hard part of the steering, the rack mount, is there with proper dimensions for the wheel track we needed. the design, follow through, weld quality, state of completion, etc determines the grade.
  11. yeah that rear axle is just for mock up so we could get it rolling. with those monster tires back there the stock axle wasn't wide enough, so the 4-link has to wait until i finish the custom 9" rear. (those are 315's)
  12. The other thing to consider is color. I have access to a $50,000 paint room. I can leave it unpainted, or paint it any color that someone wants.
  13. As far as shape goes, I am thinking of sticking to the general profile of the stock tank, except slightly taller and wider to accomdate more fuel. I want it to be cleaner and of a lower profile than the IMS or Clarke. Also, I have not decided on a cap style yet. It is either going to be a locking flush mount, flush mount pop up (harley/chopper style), or stock.
  14. I'm not sure if you guys have seen any of my other threads, but to make a long story short, I was planning on making a 3 gallon aluminum tank for my '05 S in my metal fabrication class here at WyoTech. My bike was stolen 2 weeks ago, and it looks like I won't have a bike when this is all said and done. However, I am still going to make the tank and am posting this thread to see if anybody wants to claim it. I do not know how much I am going to charge for it yet. It depends on how it comes out, but it should be awesome. I need the money to start saving for a new bike. We have millions of dollars of rare fab equipment here and instructors who know it very well. Just to give you an idea of who I am and how it should come out, I have a 97% average at the school and was just nominated to the National Technical Honor Society so you can be assured of quality work. There will be step by step pictures of the build and the tank will be leak tested when its finished. As of now it is going to be built to accept the RMZ shrouds to make it even more custom. The build starts this weekend so if someone seriously wants it, I can try to make is a certain way. If anybody is interested, talk about it here or send me a PM. Below is a link to my last project at school. http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j228/mklang/DSCN1176.jpg That frame was designed and built by myself and my roomate. The coordinator of the department was braggin to us about how his son got "the highest grade in the history of chassis fab at WyoTech...a 99%." This frame earned us both a 100%.