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  1. Bought My '04 S model about a month ago with 6,700 miles, very clean but with worn out Death Wing tires. Followed a friend on some intermediate trails on the first ride, and ate dirt on a downhill with those tires. Since have put on knobbies, and went for another ride on the street today. Feels weird in slow turns, due to the knobbies. Otherwise good. The thing is tall, and that takes getting used to, cuz I'm not tall. I'm getting used to sliding ass to one side to put a foot down at a stop. I've been riding street bikes for over 20 years but this is my first dirt capable bike. Compared to my VFR or CBR954, it's really slow. But those don't like dirt, and that's why I bought the DRZ. Still trying to figure out how to get access to actually turn the rings on the shock to adjust the preload and hopefully bring the seat height down a bit. Otherwise, so far so good.