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  1. schuon

    Bad Graphics, Do not buy

    One month ago I put on a fresh pair of Factory Effex EVO 2 Decals on my XR400. Within 3 days I saw slight fading of the red in the decals around the tiny holes, then two weeks later all of the white in the graphics had yellowed, then the front of the graphics were peeling off. I am not impressed with the quality of these graphics. I called up FX and they said to return them to rocky mountain atv, where i bought them and now im sending them back. But come on, if you pay 60 bucks for some tank graphics they should last longer than a month. The guy I spoke with was friendly and said that it was slightly premature for the graphics to do that. He also said that Yamaha WR's have the same problems with decals. Don't buy these awful graphics for your XR, mabe the other bikes are better, but im not impressed.
  2. schuon

    Rmx250 ???????

    i used to have a 97 rmx, it was ok for me until it digested several sets of powervalves. IT sucked them into the cylinder and ruined the piston, then after that i checked them and cleaned them often, and they were still cracking, i even tried switching to AMS oil, no difference, the powervalves kept cracking no matter what i did. I hated that bike for that, other than that reason, it was great. Mabe it was just my bike, because somebody i know has a 95 and they've had no problems whatsoever. I bought the bike new in 99 and suzuki wouldnt stand behind it at all, i was using suzuki oil too, it was all stock.
  3. schuon

    Merry xmas pics of my aloop XR400

    Nice Bike, It's the background screen on my computer now. I like your sidewinder sprocket.
  4. schuon

    yz400f tranny problems??

    the 450 top end wont fit, you can put a 426 top end on if you put a 426 crank in. I think you could still use the wet sump with the 426, not sure though.
  5. schuon

    XR400 Oil Filter ??

    I run HiFlo Filtro filters, they are under $4 at the dealer and they are much better quality than the EMGO filters I have had in the past. That was a while ago though, mabe they are better now. I change the oil filter every other oil change.
  6. schuon

    pro-x parts?? baskets piston?

    pro-x parts are supposed to be oem quality at much cheaper prices. They are made to oem specs. I wouldn't be afraid to try their parts.
  7. schuon

    clacking sound down below, is this my chain?

    X-RING IS BETTER, but O-RING are still very good chains, can't go wrong either way In my opinion.
  8. schuon

    buying a used xr400

    I paid $2300 for my 99 in the fall. It was in good shape.
  9. schuon

    Best mod (on a budget)

    In my dennis kirk catalog on page 458 I saw something called Hardcore Racing Power Blades. They look just like the power now kit (both parts). You can get them both from them for $94 total. When you divide it up thats like half the cost of a power now. They look the same to me. That might be soemthing to think about.
  10. schuon

    oil from the breather hose ??

    On my 426 I rerouted the breather to the airbox. I put the hose in the airbox by heating up a brass nipple and melting it into the airbox. Just like they suggested in dirtrider. Now when my bike leaks oil, like it always does, I just oil my air filter, ha ha, wrong kind of oil though.
  11. schuon

    Aloop petcock not working properly

    take the petcock off of the tank and take the petcock apart. then look at the o-ring if it is damaged. if it is go get a new one. it might just be binding a little or not pressed in all the way. i might just coat the o-ring with a very tiny amount of grease so it turns freely. id clean the petcock out with solvent too.
  12. schuon

    Cracked case!!!

    If you take the bike to an experienced welding shop that can weld aluminum, that would be a much better fix and stronger than epoxy. IMO epoxy is no substitute for a quality weld. I would be worried about the epoxy cracking easily or not bonding well to the aluminum and falling out. What if your in the middle of the woods and your epoxy lets go and then your bike is dumping out oil. Then your bike will sieze the piston and your in the middle of nowhere and out of luck and lots of $$. Welding it would probably be cheaper in the long run. By the way, if your still gonna use epoxy wouldn't MSR quickaluminum make more sense than MSR quicksteel because the cases are made of aluminum? I think it would match a little better.
  13. schuon

    running rich/jetting

    that throttle thing works for my stock 99, makes a big difference for my bike.
  14. schuon

    clutch lever and perch/ hotstart

    www.rockymountainmc.com Longhorn perch with hot start $30.00, yes 30 bucks, unlike the hundred and some you would spend for a works connection. Not sure on shipping.
  15. Ive heard better things about the Edlbrock pumper carb than the mikuni. People who have had both say they like the edlbrock carb better. You can find them on ebay for about $375