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  1. Ordered a gytr pipe and silencer but I guess theyre not making them anymore. Ended up going with a fatty and a shorty.
  2. My dad has an 01 CR500 and wants a graphic kit for it. Mainly to cover the gas tank. I can't really find any kits for the 500's. Any suggestions?
  3. So do you recommend a shorty or standard powercore?
  4. So does the Fatty do better with a standard powercore or a shorty?
  5. ya i cut a little extra
  6. no big deal took like 2 seconds
  7. an 8 paddle works really well on the 250
  8. ya the quality is top notch the only problem i had was that i had to make a small notch in the rear fender because the silencer hit it a little
  9. ive seen the dyno sheets of the single vs duals on here before and theyre pretty close power wise
  10. ya i like it a lot im in vegas
  11. cuz i think duals are pointless and u bend a silencer no matter what side you fall on
  12. Just got my MRD after having a different pipe order fall through. And I'm glad it did. This pipe looks great and sounds even better. I'll get more pics of it installed after I wash it but heres a pic of the pipe. Glad i got rid of the duals.
  13. ya hydraulic clutches r either engaged or disengaged theres really no in between