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  1. honda mx

    YZ250 Dyno Shootout.

    Ordered a gytr pipe and silencer but I guess theyre not making them anymore. Ended up going with a fatty and a shorty.
  2. honda mx

    500 graphics

    My dad has an 01 CR500 and wants a graphic kit for it. Mainly to cover the gas tank. I can't really find any kits for the 500's. Any suggestions?
  3. honda mx

    YZ250 Dyno Shootout.

    So do you recommend a shorty or standard powercore?
  4. honda mx

    YZ250 Dyno Shootout.

    So does the Fatty do better with a standard powercore or a shorty?
  5. honda mx

    new mrd

    ya i cut a little extra
  6. honda mx

    new mrd

  7. honda mx

    new mrd

    no big deal took like 2 seconds
  8. honda mx

    250r in glamis

    an 8 paddle works really well on the 250
  9. honda mx

    new mrd

    ya the quality is top notch the only problem i had was that i had to make a small notch in the rear fender because the silencer hit it a little
  10. honda mx

    new mrd

    ive seen the dyno sheets of the single vs duals on here before and theyre pretty close power wise
  11. honda mx

    new mrd

    ya i like it a lot im in vegas
  12. honda mx

    new mrd

    cuz i think duals are pointless and u bend a silencer no matter what side you fall on
  13. honda mx

    new mrd

    Just got my MRD after having a different pipe order fall through. And I'm glad it did. This pipe looks great and sounds even better. I'll get more pics of it installed after I wash it but heres a pic of the pipe. Glad i got rid of the duals.
  14. honda mx

    Hydraulic Clutch

    ya hydraulic clutches r either engaged or disengaged theres really no in between