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  1. hippo

    Wheelie Pics - DRZ400SM

    Thanks guys. Dragging knee is a lot easier than this wheelie stuff... More questions. When I clutch it up, 1) I hold throttle constant, 2) pull the clutch back in a bit (to the friction zone) and then 3) drop the clutch? Or should I ease the clutch out? How long do I hold the clutch in before releasing? TIA
  2. hippo

    SM brake upgrade?

    Thanks for the heads up. Fortunately, I'm just planning on doing trackdays - no real racing.
  3. hippo

    SM brake upgrade?

    The calipers flex? I was going to track mine next season... Looks like more money to feed the track addiction. Sigh.
  4. hippo

    Wheelie Pics - DRZ400SM

    I think I've come to the right place to ask about wheelies. I ride decently (on the street), but can't do wheelies. From what I understand, you're using just throttle in first and a rear-ward body position to get the front up. What speed are you starting at? If you're clutching it up, what speed do you start at?
  5. hippo

    SM brake upgrade?

    I'm not sure why you need new brakes -- I lift the rear wheel way before I run out of braking power. In my opinion, the braking limit on the SM is weight transfer, not the stock caliper. From my streetbike experience, if you want to improve braking power, get some new pads. EBC HH pads are a good bang-for-the-buck street pad. The pads will do more than new calipers or hoses.
  6. hippo

    DRZ400SM 2005 FMF Power Up Kit (new)

    Can I use this kit on a completly stock SM or will it run too rich? TIA
  7. hippo

    goin' supermoto? Need ur dirt setup

    I've never ridden in the dirt before and wanted to take my SM out to an off-road rec-area. Can I just get a set of RM rims and put them on an SM? Will moving to a 21" front seriously screw up my suspension geometry? I'm not looking to do anything serious -- just get used to how a bike handles in the dirt in preparation for some super moto'ing on the track next season. Sorry - I'm a complete newbie in the dirt. You will have to explain everything slowly and clearly.
  8. hippo

    Re-jetting a stock SM

    Please let me know how it turns out. My experience with DJ is that they run everything way rich - but I'm from streetbike side of motorcycling. I have no idea how their off-road jet kits are. I noticed that FMF has a jet kit out specifically for the SM.
  9. hippo

    Re-jetting a stock SM

    If the needle taper is the problem, then I guess I'm looking at a jet kit after all... Thanks!
  10. hippo

    Re-jetting a stock SM

    I'm not interested in adding a pipe, air cleaner or anything else. I just want to get rid of the lean surge and slightly abrupt throttle on the stock bike. Most of the bikes I've run across have been really lean down low and in the midrange, especially at cruise throttle openings. Can I assume the same for the SM? I'm thinking that maybe one size up on the slow jet and some turns on the air mixture screw would be enough? TIA
  11. hippo

    attn SM owners!

    Here in the midwest, street bikes are either cruisers or sportbikes. People always ask me why I'm riding my dirt bike on the street. Because of this attitude, there are tons of SM's laying around here. My dealer was delirious with joy when I wanted one. I think it basically took him the entire model year to get rid of the two Suzuki sent him.
  12. hippo

    Jet kit question

    Thanks, guys.
  13. hippo

    Jet kit question

    I just got a DRZ400SM and searched through the list. Everyone is mentioning a Dynojet jet kit, but I can't find a model specific one on Dynojet's website. Are you guys using the dual sport model's kit? I just want to get rid of the lean surge and slightly abrupt throttle response at partial throttle.
  14. hippo

    DRZ400SM Newbie -- Coolant Question

    There's no road in America you can safely use a 600, much less a 1000 to its full limit. Heck, I can't even use my 600 to its limit on the track. The supermoto though is like a bicycle with a motorcycle engine in it. It actually feels like I'm doing something when I ride it on the street, whereas with something like the 1000, I'm using about 25% of the bike on the street.
  15. hippo

    DRZ400SM Newbie -- Coolant Question

    Thanks guys, this is all new to me.