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  1. Cannonshot

    Wisconsin OHM Legislation in Wisconsin

    We continue to move forward with the legislation that will enable off-highway motorcyling in Wisconsin. The legislation involves several issues but mostly focuses on a registration (sticker) program that will generate funds to get us greater access to trails and help fund additonal single track motorcycle trails. The motorcycle legislation initiative is being worked by some of us in the Wisconsin Off-Highway Motorcycle Association (WOHMA). There is a parallel 4WD initiative being worked by the Wisconsin Off-Highway Vehicle Association (WOHVA). There is no doubt that state government is preoccupied by significant budget issues for a few months. Recognizing that, I haven't followed up on our draft legislation for a while. I did follow-up today to try to get a picture of what was in the future. The short version is that we will fine tune the draft around May once the budget issues get tackled. The legislation will be introduced in June or July. Public hearings will be in August or September. It will be important for OHM/DS riders to give input to those hearings. We will put out details about that as things develop. Hopefully legislative action will be in September or October. Theoretically, we could get this done this year. As another point of information, the DNR is seriously working toward establishing an off-highway vehicle park in the next year or so. The issue continues to be finding a suitable site within reach of the density of enthusiasts in the southern part of the state. Latest word is that they have a line of a suitable site that may prove to be a great destination location with camping and other activities beyond motorized recreation. The vision is that a motorsports park would have facilities designed to meet the needs of 4WD, ATV, and motorcycles. As always, the concerns of people that live near the site will be a huge factor in determining suitability. We'll keep you posted as things develop.
  2. Cannonshot

    New Wisconsin ORV Riding Resource

    Wow, thanks for the great resource. We needed this for a long time! Looking forward to using the GPS background maps!
  3. You might look at this route. (clicky) Some it it might be useful.
  4. Cannonshot

    Sandtown and Newberry to Brevort

    I was just through there. All good fun and nice trail but Sandtown could use a little trimming to clear out some of those face slappers.
  5. Cannonshot

    trails in michigan?

    Not sure what you are looking for but you might want to check this out. 3500 Miles of GPSed DS Routes It is mostly two tracks.
  6. Cannonshot

    Riding the MCCCT, questions

    3500 miles of dual sport routes that are much more fun than slugging it out on the MCCCT.
  7. Cannonshot

    Where to Trail Ride in Wisconsin

    Just proofed a new dual sport route in northern Wisconsin. Information and pix are availalbe here: (PM if you want GPS tracks) Northern Highland - American Legion State Forest Dual Sport Route
  8. Cannonshot

    July 25/26th Northern WI/UP Ride

    Here is the information/pictures about the new dual sport ride near you in Northern Wisconsin. PM if you want the track. Northern Highland - American Legion State Forest Dual Sport Ride
  9. Cannonshot

    July 25/26th Northern WI/UP Ride

    I just scouted a nice dual sport ride in the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest near you (Eagle River, WI) today. Once I clean up the track I'll be happy to send it to you. My draft track was 184 miles. Not sure what the final product will be until I polish it a bit. Also, some folks from the Wisconsin Dual Sport Riders are doing some riding that weekend (scouting mission). You may want to become part of that organization and ride with those folks. PM me and I can send you a point of contact. I also have a contact for a guy in Rhinelander that is looking for someone to ride with that I can send you.
  10. Cannonshot

    Any riding areas by Hot Springs, SD??????

    Info and a brochure link in this post. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9914511&postcount=151
  11. Cannonshot

    Iron River, WI, trails

    The information in this thread may help you. Where to Ride Trails in Wisconsin
  12. Cannonshot

    What are good trails in Mi? Loops or DS trails.

    I know what you are after, but there are so many nice segments it would be difficult to list them. Of course, there are some stand out sections that people will list I'm sure. As for the dual sport stuff, I would recommend taking some of the tracks from this 3500 mile set of dual sport routes and looking at them with a topo background map. Much of the track in this Great Lakes Dual Sporters file is taken from events so it is pretty well developed and entertaining. But, when you try to make loop routes, sometimes there are some road connectors from time to time. Here is the link to get the tracks. There are also some links there for pictures and ride reports that will give you some more information. Expedition Michigan
  13. Cannonshot

    The Best Trails in Wisconsin

    People have been depositing pictures of these trails in this thread.
  14. Cannonshot

    The New CCC Map Books

    I know what you mean. Can't remember the last time I used a mapbook for planning as calling the GPS map up in MapSource is very handy. Zooming and scrolling on a single "page" works well for me. The built in MVUM info is VERY useful. Kudos to vvampping!
  15. Cannonshot

    custer sd trip planning info ?? .. locals ???

    Here is an old ride report with some pics and info that may be helpful. Black Hills Sending you a PM about something related.