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  1. WNYRyder_05

    Got an 04 kx250f

    Make sure you stay on top of the maintenance. valves, pistons, oil.
  2. Are you serious? the average car does over 100,why can't a quad go 70 mph?
  3. WNYRyder_05

    05 yzf clutch prblem

    When riding it the bike has no power ands it goes to the rev limiter right away. The clutch isn't enganging i'm guessing. I was told by one person it was the friction plates. What do you guys think?
  4. WNYRyder_05

    Here is my Bike

    I think your a huge homo! lol jk nice bike
  5. WNYRyder_05

    04-05 Monster Graphics???

    look in garage
  6. WNYRyder_05

    WNYMA, Who's all Joining This Season????

    That is a short practice. You guys can't give us another hour?
  7. WNYRyder_05

    Cam spun

    Well I cleaned up the journals on the bike and got that figured out. my dad noticed the intake cam sprocket had spun. Is there a take the sprocket off and put it back in place. thanks
  8. WNYRyder_05

    Best looking custom graphics contest!

    my '04 crf250 that I sold in september. [u
  9. WNYRyder_05

    Intake cam seized

    http://img488.imageshack.us/img488/214/camyp0.png heres the best picture I could get of the cam. The marks are very light on the cam.
  10. WNYRyder_05

    Intake cam seized

    The intake cam on my buddies '05 had seized on him. Upon taking it apart everything looked fine besides the intake cam was stuck into the head. Is the cam ok to use again. There is light marks on the journals.
  11. WNYRyder_05

    Fair price for my '05

    My '05 is up forsale. It is all stock besides fatbars and monster graphics. It has been shimmed for the first timed also. Its in decent shape, been raced for a full year. Could use new tires and top clamp tab is broken off. I was thinking 2700 is a fair price?
  12. Right now I have a chance to trade my 05 kx250f for a 05 crf450. I play ride, ride on tracks, and a little bit of woods. My 250f was just shimmed for the first time. The guy with the 450 want to trade my 250f and $400 for his 450. I'm 5'11" and 160 lbs. what do you guys think?
  13. WNYRyder_05

    2005 KX250F valve shimming.

    Checked the valve clearences and came up with: Left Exaust-.007 Right Exaust-.006 Rt Intake- 0 clearence Lt Intake .004 From wht I hear its better to run your motor at .006 clearence for exaust and .004 on Intake. Alls i'm going to be doing is shimming the right intake then. What shim size should I use? thanks guys