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  1. Heres my plated street legal 300 EXC Its pretty much stock added moose skid plate and pipe armor wiseco pro lite piston boyesen pro reeds My dual sport 640 ADV mods: H&B crash bars, SXC exhaust, side intake and sommer jet kit, Acerbis multiplo handguards and SXC inner rear fender/lisence plate carrier
  2. Laromo

    Tt600re Jet Kit & Air Filter Please

    Probably the best resource on hop up parts for XT and TTR in europe is www.kedo.com in hamburg germany theres a downloadable catalog .pdf on their site... tons of useful stuff in there sent you a reply to your pm Lar
  3. Laromo

    380 Powervalve Question

    they are open when the flapper is open in sync so to speak
  4. Laromo

    Jetting 640LC4 / Mikuni

    European LC4s are not equipped with the supertrapp, they come with a KTM built can. Chevalier, if your bike is '03 or newer and use the SXC can, KTM sommer in germany recomends : main jet 160-165, move the clip on the needle down one notch from stock position and replace the air jet at the intake bell to 1.1 ( from 1.2 stock) This mod requires either the sport sidecover or opening up the top of the airbox ( snorklectomy) Lar
  5. Laromo

    Top end rebuild question

    Good question When i did the top end on my 300 i searched the net on the subject before i did the deed Using an extender or crows foot ( or bottle opener) at 90 degrees from the pivot point on your wrench does not change the length of the lever arm. Not being one to believe everything i read on the interwebnet i checked this by testing my wrench againts my neighbors old beam style torque wrench i did this by taking the beer tool and one bolt with a 13mm head and two nuts tightened together. When my wrench "clicked" it was not spot on at the set value compared to the old beam one but very close. a link to a discussion on the subject http://www.finishing.com/118/94.shtml
  6. Laromo

    Old Man and a Katoom 3hunny

    '01 had grey rear fender and sideplates, '02 had black
  7. Laromo

    Top end rebuild question

    You can use a regular 13 mm combination wrench, the U shaped end fits on the torque wrench just fine (1/2" = 12.7 mm close enuff) You might have to grind down the height of the ring end for clearance edit: fixd som spelin issuz
  8. Laromo

    Top end rebuild question

    Can you elaborate on this? Wiseco pistons recomend drilling holes in the pistons if there is an exhaust bridge KTM does not have this bridge Replying to a technical forum should be limited to facts and first hand knowledge, not hearsay and wild speculation *gets off soapbox*
  9. Laromo

    Top end rebuild question

    It can also open the beverage of your choice
  10. Laromo

    Top end rebuild question

    1/2" torque wrench set to 35nm and the bottle opener thats in your toolkit is needed to torque the cylinder base nuts Keep the bottle opener at 90 degrees to the handle like the pic shows, that way you dont have to add or subtract from the value the wrench is set to Wiseco pro light is what i have in my 300
  11. Laromo

    Old Man and a Katoom 3hunny

    Looks like its in very good condition, enjoy!
  12. Welcome to the board Saber9! Very insightful and educational first post. Let me add that annealing your copper washer vastly improves their sealing capabilities, hang them from a wire in front of a propane torch, heat until RED HOT then dunk em in water, makes the metal much more malleable. Lar
  13. Laromo


    i scribed a line where the flapper gear meets the secondary port gear before disassembly, the oem dots were hard to see
  14. Laromo

    ttr600 disconect ign. retarder

    as i previously said, there is nothing,nada,zip,zilch you can do to the RE ignition module to make it faster. Get a freeflowing exhaust, move the carb needle up a notch or go nuts with a mikuni flatslide carb ( if you are wealthy that is ) Lar
  15. Laromo

    Looking for an aftermarket exhaust for TTR 600

    I had the leo vince X3 on my old TTR, comes with 4 different end inserts to tune sound and performance. Fit and finish were very good