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  1. You should see what we do with Subaru's over here.
  2. Also ADB is notorious for being one eyed KTM lovers then Yamaha for Husky to even get a look in is exceptional .
  3. You guys make us laugh, over here we'd put something like a three bike trailer all the riding and camping gear for the weekend behind something like a Camry, plus three of us, even a horse float without any dramas.
  4. I would have thought you guys would have been used to second rate vehicles !
  5. Husky has been winning a few shootouts in Aus and the tide is slowly turning, also helping is 2years parts and labor warranty.
  6. You would love the B TRIPLE Ford has running around the outskirts of Melbourne.Cops clocked a roadtrain doing 120k's (75mph),driver copped a toasting and a hefty fine.
  7. Interesting vehicles you guys use to pull trailers over there. In AUS Nissan Navara's,Patrols or Toyota landcruisers are more common for pulling larger trailers,anything heaveir then 3 ton and we step up to light trucks like NPR Isuzu's or Hino's,Ford does import F serious trucks but are way to dear and expensive to run.
  8. Look at the lifespan of a modern day 4st,really not that great! The power has to come from somewhere,Pump enough fuel into anything and it will make HP,make em rev and you get HP,but it'll cost you.A modern day 450 uses as much fuel as my 250 2 stroke!Who cares about comparing engine capacities when really if you want to compare engines don't worry about cc,look at fuel consuption used to make the hp.Say for example you wanted a 250 4st to produce the same HP as a 250 2st you would need plenty of revs & plenty of fuel too,and would it last 10,000ks(6000miles)without some major attention along the way? And if you're getting hosed by your mate on a crf450 then ride faster!!
  9. If you reckon the 450 is sweet, then do yourself a favour and ride a 550,it left a lasting impression in my mind,Still can't get over having to split the whole thing to do the rings but! and still in love with my wr250Husky
  10. I'd buy one on it's horn looks alone
  11. My 530 only became a pain when the valves needed adjusting & the battery was tired.
  12. For sure 1 year in aus
  13. Funny that you can do a piston kit in a 2stroke in half the time that most blokes take just to adjust there valves.Rebuilds!! lets not go there aye?