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  1. Yamaha

    -Well, I did find a fix for the bad coil connector. It looked common -like the ones used on modular Ford engines. I bought a pigtail connector to fit the Ford coilpack for a mere $5.00 -it's a perfect fit.
  2. I am trying to fix my freind's 450, and seeing I have had some great luck with my YZF, I thought maybe I could get some advice here on the TT forum. The problem is the connector for the coil has some worn out and broken female terminals. I have looked at the parts stores that carry the weather pack terminals, and replacement peices. Although they are close, they are not right. Other than paying $200 for a new harness, can someone please give me a direction or any information. Thanks! -Jim
  3. I am using the WR stator and it really puts out! I did the mod a few months ago and got all the answers I needed from electrosport. They were a HUGE help and answered all my questions correctly. I think there is a ground issue thats holding you up here. What are you using for a harness? I bought the Moose Trailsport one for around $80 from Dennis Kirk. It had the provisions for brake switches as well (nice for keeping your buds form slamming into you on the trail)
  4. I think it depends alot on your location, and of course the shape of the bike. It is an 8 year old bike, and it wont hold up racing against the new 450s. I paid 2700 for mine and it is honestly the nicest, cleanest used toy Ive ever bought. Ive heard some guys scoring these for alot less.
  5. Put the auto decomp cam in it and be done with the hard start.
  6. Thats DAMN cool! Nice work.
  7. DAYYAAMMM!!! That should stick!
  8. I would be shooting my .44 through someones block! -How are the gun laws there? Its good you stopped it anyway.
  9. I wish we had ice! There is only mud and water and 1/4 inch of snow here. What kind of sled do you have?
  10. I have a good freind who is hooked on ice racing his quads. He has been at me to stud my bike. It looks like fun, but I have Ski-Doos, and its already a short season. (in fact it hasnt even started for us here yet!)
  11. Gray, you are a virtual Yamaha Encyclopedia!
  12. Shit, Im happy for you guys. If I want to get to the other posts on the older bikes, I use the scroll wheel on my mouse.
  13. I read as much of the thread as my eyes could take, printed out the vital info, and read it over and over. When I got around to doing the job it all made sense. When you finish it, tell everyone how much you love it!
  14. I would roll the engine over slowly with the chain supported across your hand, and make sure all is straight. I wish I could help you further, but thats all I can think of.
  15. It depends on what kind of headlight or DS kit youre running. I did the mod at first for a Dakar DS kit, and it was perfect. I had no luck street plating the bike, so I switched it to a Moose trailsport harness. I ended up grounding the wire I pulled , and grounding it along with the other ground. I would also check your kill switch and wiring. If you cant figure it out, I recommend going to www.electrosport.com and call thses guys. They were a HUGE help to me when I ran into problems. -Jim