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  1. Did you ride any of the single track? Again 6 hours (one way), is a little far to check it out. Sounds like its great for atv/utv stuff
  2. bucho

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Did some practice in a field near my house.
  3. Holy crap!!! Some pretty sweet splats on those big rocks
  4. Yes, I dealt w/ them a few times. They are pretty cool for the most part. Last time I was there I was a little annoyed. I have a Beta and they don't seem to be too enthusiastic about being a Beta dealer. I wanted some simple servicing done on my front forks. I had called on the phone asked if it was something they could do while I waited (bc its an hour plus drive for me). They said sure no problem, but when I got there they told me they can't bc it required some "special Beta tool". Then one of the managers told how much he dislikes the Beta brand. Kind of put a bad taste in my mouth. But since you have a KTM, they should great.
  5. bucho

    My xtrainer

    Yup! I got a license plate for my Xtrainer this past fall. Very easy. The turn signal wiring is already there, you just have to attach the turnsignals and hook it up. My friend had a 2016 300rr. We have swapped bikes and both of us feel we would be happy w/ either bike. But I prefer the Xtrainer. Its seems all the dirtbike mags really bagged on the Xtrainer as some crappy beginner bike. You really have to take that w/ a grain of salt. They are all on the West Coast and I feel that all they do is high speed desert racing. The Xtrainer is awesome for single track and gnarly stuff. The nastier the better. So much fun on the Xtrainer! Somehow its also nicer to ride on the road (at least compared to my 99 KTM300).
  6. Howdy, I just found out about Spear Head trails down in south west VA. It looks like its a similar set up to Hatfield-McCoy. One permit gets you access to several trail heads, you can ride your dirtbike/quad into local towns for gas/lunch ect... I haven't been able to find too much info online. I guess its relatively new and perhaps people don't know about it yet? Just looking at the website it looks like only one of the trailheads has single track. Im not driving six hours to ride quad trails. I was hoping maybe someone closer has been there and can give some info. Is the single track good? Is it worth the drive?
  7. bucho

    Looking for information on Hatfield McCoy's

    I've felt pretty outnumbered by quads and in the last couple years increasing numbers of UTV/sidebysides. But Buffalo Mtn has some great single track. Unless you just like to do easy/open/fast stuff, then bring your dirtbike and ride some awesome single track! Ive stayed at the hotel above Wingos. Nowhere I'd want to bring my wife, but it was fine for our dirtbike trip. Its a fun day trip to ride the trail over to Williamson and have lunch and work your way back, (riding single track along the way). Then another day eat lunch in Man and do a single track assault! I didn't make it out to Buffalo Mtn last year, this is really making me miss it!
  8. bucho

    Taskers Gap Wildlife

    Cool! I havnt been to Tasker's much this year. I need to go before it closes in January.
  9. Depends on what you want. My brother had an older KLR650 a while back. I liked it and thought it was a good bike. However, I like the DR650 better. Mainly bc it is quite a bit lighter. Though you have to buy a larger aftermarket tank, wind screen, ect... for it to match the KLR's ability at highway riding.
  10. bucho

    MIA valve adjuster, help?

    This is what I found.
  11. bucho

    MIA valve adjuster, help?

    I have a 2004 DR650 that has seen very little use for the last 4 years. It has sat for about the last 10 months. It hasn't been started since. I finally started trying to bring it back to life. I was going to do the basic oil change, air filter cleaning, carb cleaning/rebuild, and check/adjusting the valves. When I pulled off the valve covers I got a little surprise. One of the exhaust valves was missing the little nut and the bolt/adjuster. Yes, it had come totally come loose and fell off. I was able to find the nut and fish that out. But the other piece is still MIA. Its a pretty hard area to see into. Would it still be in there somewhere? Or is it possible for it to slip down into the bottom of the engine in the oil sump? Any thoughts or ideas? I"ll try to get a picture posted.
  12. bucho

    Source for Oil Hose?

    I'm working on a sidecar project with my DR650. I need to move the oil cooler over to make room for some sidecar attaching points. What do people use for oil hose? I need maybe a foot or so. Thanks.
  13. bucho

    Gas in the oil?

    Thanks for the help guys. I'm hoping to give those railroad tracks a better showing this year.