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  1. dingo983

    Do it youself videos

    Nope. I'm married. Don't need the "DO IT YOURSELF VIDEOS" anymore. Seriously, I'd just read the bikes manual and drive people nuts by not using the search option and ask alot of questions here. Works for me.
  2. dingo983

    radio solution??

    The radio I'm using is a cheap $7 radio that I can fit in my pocket. It runs on 2 AA batteries. I ran a single ear phone up under my helmet. The loud whining noise over rides any chance of hearing the radio. It also changes pitch with the rpm's of the motor. Maybe a higher quality radio would cure my problem. Thanks for all the input.
  3. dingo983

    radio solution??

    I'd like to get a radio to work because I like listening to talk radio sometimes as well as music.
  4. dingo983

    radio solution??

    I tried taking a pocket radio with head phones on a long ride. All I can hear is the wining of the motor in the speakers (electrical interference). The faster you go, the louder the interference. Is there a way to eliminate the interference in a walkman radio? I don't want to spend 50 gazzilion dollars on a radio specifically made for a motorcycle. But I do want to listen to the radio, not a cd or tape player. What do you guys do?
  5. dingo983

    Rio saddlebags. Good price!

    Yep, they are pretty big. I can't fit my lunch box in it for work, but was able to fold up my Joe Rocket jacket and fit it in there somehow.
  6. dingo983

    Rio saddlebags. Good price!

    Sorry it took so long. I couldn't figure out how to post a pic, and I was having issues with my computer while trying to set up my garage. So anyway, check out my garage and you can kind of get an idea of what the saddlebags look like. I have them mounted forward, so they are off the exhaust and totally resting on the plastic. I haven't tried riding 2-up with the bags on, but I think they will be in the way. Maybe one day I'll make some brakets that will keep the bag off the exhaust so I can mount it farther back on the bike. I definately don't regret buying them.
  7. dingo983

    custom graphics

    Does anyone know of a place online that does custom graphics, or even sheets of plain colored sticker material to cut your own pattern?
  8. dingo983

    drz400s info,please

    I find myself at 72 mph all the time. Don't know why. The bike just seems to settle in right there all by it's self. Don't really need the tach, just listen to the engine. It will tell you what it likes.
  9. dingo983

    another 3x3 mod complete

    I turned the fuel screw from 2 1/2 turns to a little over 2 3/4 and took the slack out of the throttle cable. Feels like a even newer bike. Definately enough power to get me in trouble. I think a sprocket change will put it right where I want it. Thanks again.
  10. dingo983

    another 3x3 mod complete

    Thanks for the input. I have only test rode it 50 miles, so I'll play with it more tomorrow. Just miss the way my old dirt bike could lift the front wheel by just rolling the throttle hard.
  11. dingo983

    color combos

    Has anyone mixed yellow and green plastics on thier DRZ? I was thinking of doing this myself. Anyone have pics they would like to share of any color combo for people thinking of doing the same?
  12. dingo983

    another 3x3 mod complete

    I finished the 3x3 mod and followed Burned's instructions. 140 main, 25 pilot, extended fuel screw, dynojet stage 1 kit. I am at approximately 700 ft elevation. I definately have more power (quicker accelleration). Ed, thank you for the time and effort you put into this and shared with us all. Now it's question time. The bike accells quicker but I was expecting a little more response (snap) in the throttle off the line and while moving. Is this a fuel screw adjustment issue or is it just inherent to a DRZ400s (stock except for 3x3 mod)? Although I did pull my first wheelie on the DRZ, I had to manipulate the clutch in first to pull it off. Would a 14 tooth sprocket up front allow me to lift the front wheel off the ground without manipulating the clutch, or do I need more mods, or am I just dreaming?
  13. dingo983

    Rio saddlebags. Good price!

    I have them on my bike and they fit. I looped the quick disconnects around the frame under the seat and under the gas tank. Very high quality for the price. I think I got mine even cheeper off ebay.
  14. dingo983

    lower fork covers

    Will the SM lower fork covers bolt on the S model?
  15. dingo983

    where to watch???

    Where can I go on the internet to download supermoto races or watch streaming vids. I don't get OLN and my wife and I miss watching it. Thanks for the help.