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  1. moto250f

    Hole on right side of engine

    Thanks for the reply! I did wash the bike about a week ago, but it am sure it is radiador fluid. When you tip the bike over a bit, thats when more the radiator fluid starts to flow out of it. Sorry that i cannot decribe it better, but i think it is same hole you are talking about.
  2. moto250f

    Hole on right side of engine

    The hole is right above the exhaust pipe, in the center of the right side of the engine . It is part of the engine, but i do not understand why radiator fluid is coming out of it?
  3. I am going to explain this the best i know how, and it is probably an easy question. I own a 2002 yzf 250, and there is a small hole on the right side of the engine (above the exhaust pipe) where a small flow of radiator fluid was coming out. Does anyone know what that hole is for? I have not seen radiator fluid come out of it before. I looked in the owners manual, but came up with no results. If anyone knows what it is for i would greatly appreciate it!
  4. moto250f

    DRZ 400s Side Panel

    I need the left side panel to a 2001 dr-z400s, the side panel consists of two sections, which is held on by pins. I need the section that covers the battery, if anyone could refer me to a site that sells that part i would really appreciate it. I checked the dealership and they want $42.00, so i am hoping to find it cheaper else where.
  5. moto250f

    someone teach a rook how to start his bike

  6. moto250f

    Oil change (no oil on dipstick)

    thanks for all the help. i added more oil and it started to show up on dip stick. I just got this bike, so i am learing more about four strokes everyday. This bike is quite different from the kx125 i had, but it is much more enjoyable to ride.
  7. moto250f

    Oil change (no oil on dipstick)

    i changed the oil without the oil filter. i changed the oil and oil filter about 5 rides ago, and there was a reading on the dipstick, but this time i am not getting a reading.
  8. moto250f

    Oil change (no oil on dipstick)

    It is a 2002 yz 250f, and i put about 1.7 quarts.
  9. I just changed the oil in my yz250f, and used thumperfaq.com to guide me along. I put the recommended amount of oil, but i am not getting a reading on the dipstick. I started the engine until it got hot, then i shut it off waited 5 min, cleaned the dipstick and put it back in its place, took it out again and there is no oil on the dipstick. I do not want to put to much oil in the engine, i already put a little bit more than the recommended amount. Any Suggestions?
  10. moto250f

    2001 Drz 400

    Does anyone know where i can get a the plastic that covers the battery on a dr400s ? I called the dealer and they want 42.00, i hope that i can get it cheaper somewhere else.
  11. moto250f


    Could anyone tell me what the stock gearing is on a 2001 drz 400 dirt/street? Also what gearing would you recommend for mainly trail/dirt riding? I was thinking 15/48 or do you think 14/48 would work better. Any suggestions?
  12. moto250f

    Dr. D Question

    I just recieved my dr d exhaust system, and also just put it on my bike. When i bought it i wasnt sure if it was the "spark arrester system" or the "race" system because i baught it through ebay. The one i recieved is the new "d" shape which has a screen in it and the endcap also comes off. If anyone can clarrify which system it is (race or spark arrester) that would be great. Also, should i remove the screen that is in it or leave it in there.
  13. moto250f

    Dr. D Question

    Is $250.00 a good price for the DR D complete exhaust system?
  14. moto250f

    Dr. D Question

    I just ordered the Dr. D complete "race" version exhaust system. I was wondering if the quiet core insert can be used on the race system or is it only on the spark arrestor system?