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  1. a KX100 shift lever will also work because of the bend in it, it it hugs the engine cover and is never toutch in a crash
  2. did you join today joe?
  3. and taking out the snorkel in the air box
  4. make sure that the air filter is clean
  5. thats pretty cool i wish i found somebody like that
  6. nice clamps
  7. this is the dumbest thread in the whole world all you do in here is show off maybe someones compensating for something
  8. make sure its the right sprocket for your bike because i was going to put on my friends (he has a crf 100)and he has new sprockets that he didnt need so we took the thing off my bike and the holes didnt fit too big for it so make sure its the right thingy
  9. woah thats really cool have you raced it yet
  10. yeah i dont like bbr either the only thing i am getting from them is the tall seat foam for 25 dollars from the scratch and dent pile
  11. thanks , and that sucks because it would be helpful
  12. does anyone make a rexbox for the ttr
  13. damn get a two smoker
  14. some one should delete this forum its stupid
  15. some people are in denial