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  1. I'm running the JE 13.3:1 piston and it deffinitly helped out the bottom end power. Let Crower cut your cam and it makes tractor like power down low!
  2. I just installed the new Pro Circuit slip on muffler with the new style end cap last weekend. The pipe fit great and looks even better. The bike seems to be able to pull a gear higher in almost every situation. Seems like a pretty good buy also with the spark arrester and a available quiet core.
  3. Could someone help me out. My VIN # JH2KE03C87K001984. Does this fall within the problem units. I had Crower regrind my cam already? What do you guys think I should do if it falls in the VIN range?
  4. I weigh 175# and have installed the BBR springs front and rear but the forks are still too soft. Has anyone added fork oil to stiffen up the forks a bit? If so how many ounces does the trick?
  5. I am running the JE 13.3:1 high compression piston and it seems to work good. Purchase the Crower cam and you wont believe how good the bottom end is!
  6. Thanks for the help....I have the Crower cam and a JE 13.3:1 piston in this thing. I have only my break-in ride under the belt, but so far I am very happy with the power, but you can always have more.
  7. How does the performance differ when you change the position of the step in the pipe. I always thought that the bigger the diameter of the pipe meant more top end.
  8. Finally recieved the Pro Circuit header. Install was very easy and everything lined up perfectly like every other Pro Circuit product I have ever owned. The bend is a little different than the stocker, seems to be tucked in a little further giving me more room to access the tranny fill. The diameter of pipe is a little smaller, with one step in diameter size before the can. I will be testing on Monday and will report my findings. Hopefully the smaller diameter pipe will add some bottom end that I am searching for.
  9. Retails for $199 from Parts Unlimited
  10. Pro Circuit and FMF both sell just the headpipe. I ordered a Pro Circuit....should be here in a couple of days and hopefully it fits. I will let everyone know.
  11. Does anyone know if you can run either a Pro Circuit or FMF power/mega bomb header with the stock muffler? It seams like the header makes alot more power than the muffler does, and the stock muffler seems pretty open if you know what I mean (very loud). Any help would be great!
  12. I was out there on Monday also and I thought the track was in great shape. Everything is pretty much dry...Great job VDR!
  13. Thanks for the report of VDR. I am finally going to get my 150RB a chance to rip today at Berthoud. I can't wait. Running a JE 13.3:1 piston and a Crower cam. I will let you know how it runs!
  14. What is the best spring setup for the kx65 forks in a KLX 110 mod?
  15. I heard Bubba was on one the day before the Lakewood National in Denver. Police escort and everything, they closed the pits and rolled a aluminum framed 150 out of a unmarked black van....we will see!