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  1. Gusaroo

    2 stroke pipe needs fixed

    I heard you can fill it with water, seal the ends well with duct tape and zip ties and freeze it. Id keep an eye on it because expanding frozen water is unbelievably strong.
  2. Gusaroo

    Bend Axle--what to do.

    i doubt bending the axle back is going to make it noticeably weaker...we aren't building the space shuttle here. I didn t realize a new axle is only $96 though
  3. Gusaroo

    is there a sport 4x4 out there?

    My buddy has a Polaris Scrambler 500 HO (4 stroke). even though its an automatic, that thing rocks! Plenty of ooomph, but you can plow and go mudding with it too.
  4. Just picked up a little '06 250ex to screw around the yard with and was going to weld a few tabs on the frame to install some armor. Do you guys think I should go thru and make sure any grounded wires are disconnected before welding? I am afraid I might ruin the CDI or something...am I being over cautious?
  5. Gusaroo

    Bend Axle--what to do.

    mine is bent too...I plan to use my buddies press to straighten it as well. Have to rig up some sort of jig to hold it
  6. Honda EX... The two pipes ID look pretty damn close, though I didnt mic them. The bends and curves are almost identical as well.
  7. It seams to me that the yoshimura exhaust headpipe I am looking at purchasing is almost identical to my stock one, does the head pipe really change anything? or do I get my performance boost in the after market muffler on a 4 stroke? I can see how on a 2 stroke, the shape of the head pipe really makes a difference, but a 4 stroke's head pipe really has no shape or tunability...just straight thru. Any thoughts?
  8. Anyone know the specs...? I have a 2005 service manual but want to confirm the valve adjustment specs are the same for a 2006 trx250ex model. thx guys!
  9. Gusaroo

    Redline gear oil in 250ex diff?

    Thx! the Redline bottle does not show a "API SG/JASO MA" certification on it. I know that everyone on here seems to stress that in the gear oils used in this differential... Just want to be cautious, you know.
  10. Gusaroo

    Redline gear oil in 250ex diff?

    straight 80w
  11. Gusaroo

    Looking for an '06 trx250ex service manual

    Got a nice present during my lunch break today... Lets just say that anythings possible on the internet!!!
  12. I have a few quarts of Redline 80w synth motorcycle gear oil (with shockproof). How do you guys feel about running this in a 250ex rear differential?
  13. Just bought this quad and need a manual for it. Any one have a PDF one they could share with me? if so, Id be forever thankful. You could send it via email: thegibiliscos@cox.net
  14. This quad has been under water, but did not stall. Turned it off for a while and now it won't start. Any ideas? I am thinking of buying this thing as is, but am wondering what I am getting myself into. It does turn over, seems to have no spark. Guy claims coil is OK. I am guessing hes got water in the stator area. I also read these quads have some sort of parking brake interrupt switch that could screw this up...whats that all about? TIA guys!