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  1. griffithds

    Will a 120/100 tire fit a 07 WR450?

    I use a 140/80/18 on my WR450 and have plenty of wheel cearance. The 140 has much less wheel spin than the 120.
  2. griffithds

    When you replace the chain

    Sprocket wear usually results in the rounding over of the teeth. (The top of the teeth leans toward the front sprocket.
  3. griffithds

    Sparkless- anyone know what to check?

    Dito on the kill switch! It's been the only thing that i've had to replace on my 05'. Might try just loosening up the bolts that hold it in place. If it's to tight, it will ground itself, thereby killing the spark!
  4. griffithds

    Premium fuel needed????

    Thanks for the article clark 4131. I've read a lot of fuel articles and some get very confusing. This one was simple, straight forward, and easy to remember.
  5. griffithds

    WR Steering Stabilizer?

    I had this opinion also at one time, that was until I came flying down a sand dune at high speed and head shake set in. Scared the out of me. New 05' WR450, and yes, it was set up correctly. Installed a GPR and have never looked back. It has since saved by bacon more than once.
  6. griffithds

    How to care for MX boots

    On one of the major boot web sites, their is a (how to care for your new boots) pictorial. I remember mink oil was recommended. Use it like boot polish.
  7. griffithds

    All the free mods are done...newbies read this

    The best thing I did to my over built tire spinning monster was to change the sprockets to 14/48. I tried 50, 51, 52, 53 rears with either a 13 or 14 fronts and found I could get much better lap times dropping the rear down to the 48. It all has to do with traction. The zippier I tried to make the bike perform, the squirrellier it got and the slower it would accelerate, (tire spin). Now my bike pulls strong, hard, and long!
  8. griffithds


    Learn something every time I'm on this site!
  9. griffithds

    Wiesco Pistons ???

    Been using them for 30+ years on both 2 stroke and 4. Great piston!
  10. griffithds

    WR450 won't idle

    Thanks for keeping us informed. That's what I like about this forum. You can learn so much about dirtbikes and what can go wrong!
  11. griffithds

    What size tire do you guys usually run?

    I have the S12 140/80/18 on a 05' WR450. I would guess the 06' is the same size rim. I still have 1 inch of clearance on either side of the swingarm and close to 2 inches to the mud guard. I will go with a 150 on next go around!
  12. griffithds

    anyone heard of wr500

    Do your friend a favor and recomend to him to replace that old piston. I've got a spare gear box in my garage with blown cases. I ran the original piston to long.
  13. griffithds

    What size tire do you guys usually run?

    I run the Mitchelin S12 (140/80/18) on my CR500. When time came to replace it, I decided to try it out on my WR450. Decided to leave it on the WR and buy a second S12 tire for the CR. The WR should have come with this size tire. Still spins but what an improvement on acceleration especially out of soft corners!