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  1. jaydub

    Pushing the bike in the truck??

    I put my bike stand next to the ramp and then a nice run with the bike and step up onto stand and into the bed. For those guys that ride their bike up the ramp into the truck be careful, I used to do that until the rear tire flipped the ramp out one time and I crashed hard.
  2. please die mr french man.
  3. jaydub

    Clark County Death ??????????

    holy crap. my brothers live in BG, gotta call him to see if he knew this kid.
  4. yeah I had to get some awesome pictures of my vacation, and no shock at all. It didnt hurt a single bit, but got the doc to write me a script for some vicodin anyways as they always go down good with a few beers.
  5. what was funny is that at the hospital the doc comes in and takes a look at it and starts getting ready to fix things up. I asked him if he would mind if I snapped some pics while he was fixing things up and he said to me "are you ok mentally?"
  6. the bg....battleground which is like 10 - 15 north of vancouver.
  7. no. although it is kinda weird that my site is his name and its even weirder that he is in washington.
  8. Not graphic for me but some may find them disturbing Couple of years ago went to visit my brothers in washington. Bro picks me up at pdx and we cruise home and immediately get on the 50's and start rippin shit up. Well I had a little problem riding a wheelie and looped out and somehow this happened. Exactly 35 minutes after stepping off the plane at pdx we were now on our way to the hospital
  9. jaydub

    No Deal...

    true dat.....true dat
  10. jaydub

    East Coast WHEELS Suck!

    If I was you I would also call the BBB and file a complaint with them as well as your CC company.
  11. jaydub

    I need a stock muffler. Willing to trade my PC Ti-4 slip-on.

    I have what you need, perfect head pipe and silencer with clamp, bolt, and gasket.
  12. Decided I had better go pick up some trany oil and some oil filters. I went to my usual shop yesterday to pick some stuff up and for some odd reason they quit stocking the hi flo 115 oil filters I use on my crf250 but instead they are stocking the k&n filters that are like $6 a pop, no biggie I thought I could hit another store for them. So today I hit a store closer to me and pick up some of the honda trany oil and asked about hi flo 115 oil fitlers and I was told they didnt cary them but they did have the k&n filters which were $15 a pop and was also told they cary the OEM honda filters so I thought they might be a little less expensive and inquired on the price for them. Excuse me if I was suprised when the guy told me they were $17.79 a piece. For an effin OEM oil filter? Everyone in that god damn store must be smoking crack cause they are out of their effin minds if they think I would be willing to pay almost $18 for 1 OEM oil fitler and $15 for a k&n filter. Guess its off to ebay for the hi flo filters.
  13. jaydub

    Am I asking too much?

    Pocono's eh? Man I miss driving to ski shawnee and camelback. Now I am stuck just south of hell with temps of 115+ in the summer and nothing below 55 in the winter. Oh and those look like fair prices, should go fairly quick.
  14. jaydub

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    nice, she is very cute and has a great smile
  15. jaydub


    I agree, belize city was a shithole. The mennonite farming area's were somewhat interesting. Next time you drive down irondude hit me up....I'll tag along Turnefe islands do have spectacular diving from what I hear. Incredible sea life, and spectacular wall dives....too bad I didnt get to dive the turnefe islands, I did a bunch of local dives around ambergris but I was still impressed with the abundance of sea life and corals. In fact on one dive we saw a total of 7 huge sea loggerhead turtles and even the divemaster said thats the most she had ever seen on one dive. Definitely make a trip to the mayan ruins. Tikal I believe is just across the boarder in guatemala (I think, not sure), I opted to go to Lamanai instead and that place was amazing and the jungle is so dense. Coolest part I thought was all the toucan birds just chillin in the tree's.