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  1. I have a '04 CHM SM-1 SS(six uses) 102dbs with never used silencer insert(96dbs) $300 shipped. $475 value 501-258-4339
  2. Flattrackers use 19" tires and motard uses 17"
  3. I have a '04 CHM SM-1 SS(six uses)complete system with never used silencer insert(96dbs)$300 shipped. $475 value 501-258-4339
  4. I have a '04 CHM(six uses) with never used silencer insert(96dbs) $300 shipped. $475 value 501-258-4339
  5. If all this is right then why did my HC II let my exhaust valves get into the piston? Don't you have to degree the cam in? I thought these cams were just a bolt in,align and go.
  6. I have an '04 450R complete & clean
  7. Where's my post on some CRF 450 stuff I had to get rid of? Now I know where the sale forum is but that's no reason to wipe my post off the map.
  8. Man I'm a dumba--. That's got to be the easyist one ever. Thanks.
  9. Hey guys I'm pulling my '04 outta the frame but there seems to be some kinda trick. Service manual only says to take it out of the right side. I even took off the valve cover. And yea I know "round peg in round hole"! What's up? Thanks
  10. Reread your third sentence. That's what it does.
  11. I read in an earlier post about insalling '05 needle(nggq) and a #45 pilot jet on anything that has had head,cam or pipe work done.Well, riding the bike down the street I can tell better response on the bottom and mid. I have messed around on a dyno and found a 168 main to make the most top end HPat 50 in 4th gear. But---when shifting on the dyno 3rd thru 5th gear the HP drops to 45 and shows to be lean. On a single gear run I get 50 HP. All gear run 45 HP. I'm confused more now than when I started. I went from a 165 in steps to a 195 on the main and the best is a 168. I dropped the clip on the '05 needle to third from the bottom and the lean is better but still lean and off on the HP on an all gear run. What do you think? And by the way there is about 80 to 90% humidity and 90 deg. in Arkansas. I have a cleaned head, new stock valve train with bronze seats, 12.5 weisco, Hot Cam Stage II, CHM SM-1 pipe and U-4 fuel, twin air running flattrack.
  12. At our age I didn't know anybody wore a kidney belt. To be realistic let's call it proper, "belly belt".
  13. Just talked to the Tech men over at CHM and they make a silencer insert to take its sound form 102-103 to 96-97 already 'cause of some of the California regs. But they agree with you that with any engine mods the end result is inconclusive. I will find out 'cause I've ordered said insert and will be tested at the nationals, which now are saying will happen, but with no enforcement till next year. Nothing like being the benchmark for all the pipe manufactures. Thanks for your input.
  14. Let's discuss aftermarket exhaust sound ratings. First of all I'm not bashing the AMA. The Amateur Flattrack Grand Nationals are being held in DuQouin,IL. the July 4th weekend the AMA has decided to enforce the 99dB's. rule. This is the only time this year that I'm aware of the enforcement. We all have other than stock pipes and from what I'm reading my CHM rates at 102 decibels. Of course the AMA has stated there will be two pipe manufacturers on hand to help$$$$$$. Anybody that has input on db. corrections would be welcomed. Also where do I get a reliable db. measuring device as this seems to be the tip of the iceberg. Thanks Steve England
  15. I say yea as a flattracker 'cause while I have really picked up on good products the tech response from experienced riders is second to none.