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    Dirtbike (i got a 2000 YZ426F), fly planes, hunt, fish, hike, all the outdoors stuff, snowmobile.
  1. YZ426Fman

    newbie questions about 2002 yz426

    I got a 2000 YZ426F forsale, low hours, always maintained and cleaned after every ride. Its a sweet bike.
  2. YZ426Fman

    urgently need 426 cylinder block!!

    I got a YZ426F for sale...
  3. YZ426Fman

    Happy 4/26!

    I did something nice for my 426... i took her for a ride then changed the oil. But then i put it in the paper to sell.
  4. YZ426Fman

    How Much Can i Get?

    I put it in the local paper where i live and i havnt gotten any calls i listed it for $2300. Must be that not many people want such a big bike, i love it but my father dosnt want it sitting around while im gone for 5 years.
  5. YZ426Fman

    How Much Can i Get?

    I have a 2000 YZ426F i need to sell. I am going into the Navy, im not selling it by choice. I am wondering how much i should ask for it. She is in nice shape, just usual riding wear and some scuffs from branches. The tires are like new, it has N-styles graphics and seat cover, applied racing tripple clamp, and tag handlebars. I took good care of it, and always stored it in my heated/ air condtioned garage. i chaged the oil every 8 hours of riding (every 2 rides). If i could get any advice it will be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I have a 2000 YZ426F and im starting to do some modifications on it. Im thinking bout changing the jetting on it...but not to sure what i should change it to. Can someone please tell me what is good to do on it? also any other modifications you think are good Ideas please advise is possible. im thinking bout a K&N air filter also.. any other ideas. Any information very appreciated.
  7. I own a 2000 YZ426F and i am wondering how the hot start works, and how it differs from the normal cold choke? do they both choke the engine? thanks would appreciate an answer
  8. YZ426Fman

    Bike Wont Start

    Yup i got a YZ426F and i forgot to turn the gas on a few times, it makes me mad sometimes, especially when your friends are laughing at you the whole time and you dont know what for, then 10 minutes later they tell you..
  9. Yea i think i need to show my dad this too, he rides harleys also and never wears a helmet and he has a really nice one..i will never understand him, i guess he has a nice bike so he dosnt need to wear a helemt, he has a Harley V-rod sweet bike.
  10. YZ426Fman

    hare scramble pics please?

    Looks wicked fun, im thinkin bout doing it...just gotta do some work on my bike, i got a YZ426F not sure how good it would do, probly have to work on the gearing and flywheel?
  11. YZ426Fman

    Feathering the Clutch

    Yea that works too, if i do that my bike will wheelie backwards.
  12. YZ426Fman

    Feathering the Clutch

    Them figure eights are a good way to learn it, i have used that technique in the past..i have a YZ426F and when i ride trails i have to flether the clutch ALOT.